I have a 2000 Giant XTC ds1 and would like to upgrade the front and rear shock. The shocks that came stock on the bike are a Fox Air Vanilla Float and a RockShox Judy XC fork. What are some shock's that would compliment this bike? Can it utilize a NRS suspension system using a Sid shock to eliminates pedal-induced bobbing? I have read some posts that said the Sid wears out quick and to forget about the NRS system and go with a Cane Creek AD12. Any help would be great. I am 6'3" 250lbs.

One more thing the bike came with Formula MD1 mechanical disk brakes. I can't seem to find replacement pads maybe they don't make them anymore. The disks have a four hole mounting pattern and it seems that everything is six hole now. What are my options? Are there any four hole caliper brakes left or will I have to upgrade hubs, disks, calipers and all?

Thanks again