These packs rock!

Light weight, huge storage capacity, super durable materials, water proof pockets, easy access pockets while you are riding, and the best part is the Low Rider harness system that place the pack lower on your back which removed the weight from your shoulders and hands as well as lowers you center of gravity (improving handling!).

I purchased the Wingnut gear Hyper 1.5 in Aug to see if it lived up to it's advertising and it did. I had a horrible time with upper body fatigue and my hands taking a beating during the long races. I couldn't retire my SID fork right away, so I looked for other solutions and this it the best one I found.

The pic above is the 2.5, which holds a 95 oz bladder and has about 600 cubic inches of storage, which is perfect for extra clothing and such for all day rides. This is what I will be using for all my weekend training rides.

Here is a gallery of pics
WingNut Gear Hyper 1.5 & 2.5 Gallery

I am awaiting the larger 3.0 and Adventure packs to test out in the near future.

There are way too many features for me to write up here and since someone has already done that over here.....WingNut Gear ....go there for product details and online ordering. Also you read what other MTBR posters are saying over here.

They also have a Dry Line for the paddlers out there and the Adventure is aimed at the Adventure Racers.

Eddie O