I was thinking the other day...people are dumb, really dumb. I'm not being mean or bashing them and that's not what this thread is about. Instead, tell us your story about you or someone you witnessed today just being a complete bonehead.

What really motivated this thread is a guy I work with. I work in a LBS and we recently hired a few new guys. They are learning and like I said I'm not bashing them, but sometimes they just do dumb things We got one of our big parts orders in the other day, and in order to check everything in and inventory it properly the work orders and layaways must be checked to make sure that special order parts for repairs go where they belong. Going back a couple days we had a customer who did not like the bars on his Townie...so he wanted some 14" rise x 32" wide cruiser bars and was upset that we didn't have any and couldn't get them that day. Fast forward back to where I was...the bars came in with the order. And instead of checking them in properly and adding them to the work order, the new guy bought them for his sons bike! Even worse, he didn't make anyone aware that was involved with the repair so we didn't know what happened. Customer calls 4 days after the bike should be done, no one knows what to do, and the new guy was scheduled off that day. Customer is pissed off and wants the bike today, so we have to take bars off of a brand new bike to make this work...got it done, called the customer who needed it so deperately, and the customer didn't even come pick it up. I'm calling bonehead on the new guy for not checking paperwork and buying a special order part for a pissed off customer