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    Toothpaste. I got a ton of bites on my feet one year from sitting outside in flip flops...didn't think about spraying my feet.

    I applied mint toothpaste and left it on until the itching stopped, usually about 5 minutes. Once it dried, I wiped it off.

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    I usually wrap a tourniquet around the effected extremity and then slash the bite with razor and suck out the poison. Works every time.

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    Be a stoic, practice mind over matter and ignore the itch. Identify the sensation and actively ignore it. Don't touch the bites. Yes, this works for itches and minor pain. It doesn't work for severe pain as far as I can tell. Not sure about "thousands of bites."

    If your stoicism skills aren't up to snuff then take a Benedryl, apply cortisone cream, and don't scratch.

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    OP listen closely to every word in this song.
    How do you know if your bike has a Stava?

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