• 06-18-2012

    Terra Tech Atomic
    My first and rode it for 20 years.Was going to make a SS with it but upon completion of my recent build I gave this away to a co worker for his wife to ride and it`s still going strong.
  • 06-18-2012
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    1985 GT Timberline
  • 06-19-2012
    Aleoca (Can't remember the model)
    GT Avalanche 1.0
  • 06-20-2012
    Cdn Tire CCM Special
  • 06-21-2012
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    2004 Gary Fisher Tarpon. Such a solid bike. Throw back to my gel seat toting, reflector rocking, V brake days....miss the heck out of that thing.
  • 06-21-2012
    It was a GT Aggressor, polished bare metal finish. It had big fat aluminum tubes and welds stout enough for a Mac truck. I thought it was the coolest bike ever made. Rode that bike through multi day adventure races.
  • 06-21-2012
    It was a fluorescent lime Shasta rigid circa 1989 that promptly was stolen. I ended up with another one except it was orange.
  • 06-21-2012
    Mine was a 92 or 93 Specialized Rockhopper.....I still had it and then moved out of my friends house about 8 years ago to move out of state and couldn't fit it with my other stuff.....I think he gave it to his brother or something, kind of wish I would have kept it....it was Purple with Yellow decals.
  • 06-21-2012
    I'll let you know when I get it. Hopefully soon
  • 06-21-2012
    Giant Sedona
  • 06-21-2012
    giant stp3. 05 i think.
  • 06-21-2012
    88' Iron Horse "Zebra": 6sp freewheel and biopace.
    90' Bontrager OR with the RS-1 rockshox
  • 06-21-2012
    2001 kona lava dome
  • 06-21-2012
    In 83 I had a specialized rockhopper, it was stolen then I had a trek antelope I think and it was stolen too. Then in 84 I think, I got a specialized stump jumper that I rode for a lot of years. I still have it. Not riding it. Looking at maybe getting another stumpy. Have an epic now.
  • 06-22-2012
    I spent most of my younger yrs riding BMX bikes; I had a Diamondback Viper and an '97 GT Mach 1. I beat the crap out of those bikes in the trails, jumping everything I could. Once I outgrew those, I got an awesome Roadmaster from Toys R Us; that bike got a bent rim, and just destroyed as well, and I ended up giving it to a friend. Next I went to Wal-Mart and bough a Mongoose F/S bike (first F/S), and I ended up breaking the cassette off, and the rear shock spring. Next, I went to ***** where I bought another Mongoose F/S bike (my current one) and I'm using that unitl I destroy it, or save up money for a REAL F/S Mt/XC bike.

    I ride HARD, I jump everything I can, go fast, and go through everything; I don't have high expectations of my current rig and hope it holds up long enough for me to save for a real bike. I LOVE F/S bikes, so whatever I get WILL be one of those.
  • 06-22-2012
    1993 Diamondback Sorrento. I was 10 years old and MTBing was almost as cool as roller blading.

    later in its life I turned it into a single speed. It was stolen while I was at college in 2001
  • 06-22-2012
    1988 GT Timberline. Black with purple accents. Sold it when I graduated from college.
  • 06-23-2012
    Crappy Diamond back which my parents gave somewhere between 1995-1996. It was bad but I had fun with it until it got stolen on 1999.
  • 06-28-2012
  • 06-28-2012
    Specialized Camber Elite. honking POS, had it for a week then bought a Cannondale moto 2 carbon was I guess my first real bike.
  • 06-28-2012
    1986 Cannondale w/ 26"front/24" rear.. Still have it !!
  • 06-28-2012
    Arch Itech
    1997 Gt timberline fs.. great beginner bike!
  • 06-28-2012
    Doug M
    1988 Mongoose IBOC COMP.Replaced every single part on the bike to get it super lite.Took a ride on a proflex full suspension with the stupid elastomers and have never even thought of going back to a hard tail. Doug M
  • 06-28-2012
    Very first bike was a GT bmx bike from target
  • 06-28-2012
    Garry Fischer - loved them and was amazed how well they ride...
    dont have a picture, though