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    What workstand is best?

    Hi. I would like to buy my husband a workstand for his 40th birthday. He has just bought himself a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT (carbon). I was looking at the Park PC-25 or the Feedback Pro-Elite. Your thought/opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhort View Post
    Hi. I would like to buy my husband a workstand for his 40th birthday. He has just bought himself a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT (carbon). I was looking at the Park PC-25 or the Feedback Pro-Elite. Your thought/opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    You (or the hubby) cannot loose with either stand as they are both reputable quality stands. I use the feedback ultralight stand constantly, do shop pricing as you can find a good deal with price matching & perhaps free shipping.

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    You can't go wrong with either of those stands but I will put a plug in for the Feedback sports model as they sponsor NICA, the High School Mountain Biking League. How cool is that?
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    I've had a Park and a SpinDoctor stand. They were fine. But, I never liked the way they clamped - how ya kind of guess the tension, pull the lever closed and the cam pops closed. I did some research and found the Feedback Sports workstands. Turns out, they're pretty well-known - and pretty popular. In addition to all the typical adjustments, stable legs, etc., they have a very cool clamp mechanism. The clamp slides in and snugs up, then you turn a handle to tighten the clamp to however tight you want it. HUGE if you've got lots of carbon in the garage.

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    I have the Feedback Pro Elite stand and like it a lot. It's sturdy, easy as heck to setup or take down, and it extends high enough for a tall person. The quick release ratcheting system is very helpful. The square shaped body of the clamp also enables a 45 degree angle to easily hang bikes on it by the saddle when just having to make small fixes/adjustments or quickly setup a bunch of bikes.

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    I'm been researching bike stands lately, and my choices are down to either a Park or Feedback stand. During my research, I read one or two comments concerning over-tightening the clamp causing damage to a carbon frame. Just want to put that out there for the OP (and her hubby) to prevent a bad day.

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    What workstand is best?

    I bought a Feedback Pro Elite a couple of years ago and it has been awesome. Grips a knockoff Scott carbon frame, Turner Sultan and other smaller tube frames no problem. REI had it on sale and I somehow managed to get an extra 20% off (which is not typically the case on new items).
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    I have a Feedback Recreational (about $100), and it's served for a couple years now with no real issues. If you go feedback, go with the Pro Elite.

    Park Tool's best, IMO, is the PRS-3 OS-1. (I DETEST stands that require front wheel removal.)
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    I got the predecessor to the feedback, the Ultimate Pro, many years back. Still works like new. Still easy to fold up small and put in it's bag for transport (in fact, my parents were storing it for me for the last few months and I'm taking it with me back to AK in a few weeks). It's a great stand and it's kind of the reason the park stands are nice, as the Ultimate home-stands were much better than the park-stands that were put out for home-mechanics. They were unstable and had poor clamping mechanisms. Due to the competition, Park got serious and made some much better stuff, that is now at least as good, but each has a few things the other does not. Both are very good and what you should be looking at for a quality functional product (rather than knockoffs and cheap ones that will be more of a headache).
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    I have the Feedback Pro Elite and I absolutely love it. I had a Wrenchforce stand before and while it worked OK The Feedback is superior in everyday.

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    +1 on the feedback pro elite
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    What workstand is best?

    Feedback Pro-Elite or the new Feedback Sprint ... Both outstanding !

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    I think the Feedback is the most versatile stand on the market. It's portable ( I fly with mine on a regular basis) they work well for everything from TT bikes to DH bikes and tandems. The triangle base is great for uneven ground.

    My needs out of tools are a little more specialized than mosts. I travel a lot as a freelance race mechanic. If you're looking for a stand for the shop I would suggest doing one of the Park mounts that you can bolt to a wall or bench. The stability of that set up is hard to beat.

    I would also like to mention that the above commit of people crushing carbon parts with a park clamp is limited to people that have their head up their rear instead of on their shoulders. With half the care that bikes with those kinds of parts require it's not an issue.

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