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    Ultra high MTB handlebar?

    I have found that increasing height of handlebar, my position became more comfortable for long ranges.
    Currently I ride with uncutted steerer and 32mm stem and flat bar, my height 175cm, frame 19".
    Traveled 83km asphalt with 21kmh avg without any pain and pleasant fatigue.

    I plan to check ultra high handlebar with uncutted steerer
    + stem riser

    + ultra high stem

    ps sry bad english
    winter XC

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    I don't see this being about mtbiking. This is asphalt riding with comfort as your priority when getting exercise going long distances. You can look to stationary exercise bikes to find comfort ideas. Recombinant may be your ultimate destination.

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    That will not be for any type of "mountain biking". That set-up will allow you to exert far too much leverage on the steerer tube. The steerer would probably bend/break on an off-road trail with any sort of bumps. For recreational flat-land riding it would be fine. I suppose you could go with taller handlebars if you really need more height.

    When I see a bike set up with lots of spacers or extensions I often jump to the conclusion that the person either has the wrong bike, has adaptive needs, or has no way to acquire a new bike.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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