I was at the LBS today to get a bike rack for my Regal but it didn't work out. I have a 29er now and it sucks having to pull off both wheels to haul it in the back seat. With my 26ers all I have to do pop the front wheel off and slide it in the back, throw the wheel in and good to go.

I first went after a Saris Bones 2 but that didn't work out because Saris doesn't recommend it because the bottom of the trunk lid where the lower feet rest isn't long enough and they could slip off into the plate area. I kinda wonder though if I could have gotten it to work by making the upper and lower feet closer to each other...

The next thing they brought out was some Yamika thing that was ugly, 180 dollars, and not let me in the trunk without having to take it off or mess with it. I want a bike rack that will bring convenience so i didn't have to pop both wheels off all the time. However this one was going to be inconvenient for getting into the trunk which is where I work out of on rides. So 'ef that i'm not paying 180 dollars just to still be inconvenienced lol.

Here is a pic of the butt of my car (one like it on the internets):
Trunk Bike Rack for 93 Regal 4dr...-full-1993-buick-regal_24694_7.jpg

Any ideas? I'd like something that would just be on the trunk and allow me to open it easily (with key), and carry 2 bikes...well only one may be good enough tbh as i can still slider a 26er in the back.