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    I bought an Allez back in 05' to cross-train on. Great, inexpensive, bike to get started road biking with. I'm finally planning on selling it this Spring and upgrading to carbon (Roubaix).

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    I have owned two Allez's and loved them both. I had a 2010 Allez Comp in white: Specialized Bicycle Components and now I have a 2006 Allez Comp in blue/Gerolsteiner team colors: Specialized Bicycle Components

    I liked the 2010 but sold it right before a move, and then picked up the '06 off craigslist. While people have been talking about the aggressive geometry but I don't really feel like its that intense. Granted, I don't have a ton to compare it too but I thought both of my Allez's are pretty comfortable - have done some 60-75 mile rides on them and had no problems. The stems are adjustable on both for varying degrees of positive and negative rise, and the carbon seat stays/fork/seatpost/handlebar grips take out a lot of the harshness of the ride and leave a fairly comfortable ride.

    They're super responsive and when compared to a MTB they really fly lol. As for the double/triple/compact crank debate, I had the compact and loved it. Now I have the full double and love it also haha - I did find myself spinning out on large hills with the compact, but it was very rare and if you're already going 35+ mph its not like you need to keep pedaling anyways. The double is fine too though, you have a bit more on the high end and I didn't notice much difference overall really.

    While the frames are going to be similar or the same on the Allez line, there's a huge degree of difference on the components. I'd recommend something closer to 105 (or the SRAM equivalent), but I'm not as familiar with the 2013s. There's probably a bunch of them on craigslist too, so if you want to go that route you could save some $$, maybe get a higher spec'd bike, and then get it fitted professionally with some of the savings.

    Anyways good luck and happy to answer any questions - let us know what you end up getting!

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