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    Top tube protection from shifters and brake levers... Any Solutions?

    Been riding 29ers for about 5 years and recently moved to a carbon tallboy for xc racing. This is the first 29er that I have had where I have run into the issue of my handlebar/shifters/etc being able to whack my top tube during a wreck. I guess it makes me nervous that this is my first carbon mtn bike (I have road and cross bikes that are carbon so I am not worried about carbon failure)

    I know I am not the only one out there with this problem... so what are your solutions?

    #1 - I can raise the bar high enough to clear the cockpit and have a less aggressive position
    #2 - I can loosen the levers so they would cause minimal damage... not my preference
    #3 - I can wrap the area of top tube that would get hit with some kind of protective tape
    #4 - I can forget about it and let the top tube take the damage and worry about it later...

    I only ask this as I am going to be racing hard on this bike for the next couple years and I tend to push the envelop while racing and wreck a bit more than if I were just out for a ride.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    Give this a try. I have one for the TB and a Mojo.

    Santa Cruz Tallboy - Frameskin

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    would this be thick enough to prevent damage or just prevent a scratch/cable rub?

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    I wrecked the other day and it spun my bars all the way around very forcefully in a split second. It seemed like it had enough force to damage something had the frame been there. The cables stopped the spin when they ran out of slack. I'd raise the bars. Bike envy btw.
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