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    Think an Anime about MTB would ever fly? a Road biking one already exist...

    Started watching this anime not too shabby. Interesting plot twists. But the beginning shows the end ;p

    But yeah it's an japanese animation about road bike racing. Interesting huh.

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    Hey, there's one about a tennis. Why not MTB.

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    Dude,I was thinking that same thought today!
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    Anime is much better in Japanese. The humor and plot are better without subtitles or dubbing because the nuances and culture items aren't lost in translation. I wonder why its so popular with English-speaking audiences. I'm not trying to thread-jack, I just have strong views about Anime. I don't even watch it that often, I prefer NHK Taiga drama much more.

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    Media about things and activities are called documentaries. Dramas and comedies are about people. The confusion between the two often leads to really bad movies and TV series (see "Terminal Velocity" or "Gymkata" for good examples).

    Sometimes interesting characters are placed into interesting themes/locations like: outer space, wars, ranches, office buildings, halls of power ... etc... These make for good movies. For a good movie placed in a cycling setting, see "Breaking Away". You'll notice it's about a group of lower economic class youth coming to terms with their status in society vs a group of "upper class" youth represented by the IU student body. The character development is what makes it interesting ... not cycling.

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    there is an anime about MTB called Idaten Jump , its pretty lame but what do you expect from a kids cartoon

    like most kiddie cartoons it seems like its aimed more at selling the toys than having a decent story or plot ,kinda like pokemon with bikes
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    no...just no...anime is lame.
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    some anime is lame.

    though if you're looking for a good laugh, try out golden boy. Though this is for the mature-er viewers, many sexual themes. It's aimed at college level, lots of college level humor.

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    Anime.. How about a decent mountain bike related motion picture or novel.. For some reason mountain bikes are pretty well ignored by the main stream media despite the fact that they make just as good a subject as BMX, skateboarding, or yes even road biking.
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