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    mmm hmmm. same thing with guitar strings. you can retune that thing every 20 minutes for a month, or stretch them all at once when you first put them on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeEight View Post
    I love it when a shop owner/staff member says that brand X uses pre-stretched cables so that isn't a worry, ignoring everything else that moves in the equation (the housing side of it). Myself I solve the stretching/bedding the moment I assemble a bike... if you yank on the cable with a lot of pressure, once the thing is anchored to the brake or derailleur, it'll do the stretching and bedding right then and there. Then you loosen the bolt, retighten the cable and then snug up the bolt again. Presto. A month's worth of little stretches accomplished in 1 minute.
    I couldn't agree more. There is a world beyond Park Tool and a local bike shop mechanic. Some people take bicycle maintenance way too seriously. Hit the damn thing with a hammer and go on with your day.

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