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    Specialized Rockhopper or Rockhopper comp

    I need some advise, I will be buying one of these bikes tomorrow. I need advised if I stick with the entry level rockhopper or move up just one more level. I started with a budget of $600, I was recommended to move to the rockhopper at least which is $900, the rockhopper comp is an additional $200. will greatly appreciate feedback.


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    If you can afford the comp then buy that. If you can't afford the comp, then you can't afford the comp.
    I am surprised that Specialized can get away with having the XC28 RockShox fork on the Comp at $1100. At that price I was able to buy a 2013 Trek Cobia with the SOLOAIR fork.
    There are many other bikes out there that are better than the comp for that price. If there are any other bike shops in your area, I'd check them out to see what they have for that price. In total, the Comp doesn't have good components for the price.
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    Thank you for your advise.

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    Scott and Trek's slack geo rides with more stability on downhills and railing turns than Giant, C'dale and Spec for most riders and especially beginners. When you test ride go in and out of ditches and over grass if available for a bit of relevant info.
    The RH Comp is about the same as the Airborne Guardian for $675. Really overpriced.
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    If you want to ride difficult/fun trails you should look carefully at the fork.

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    Thank you eb.

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