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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronk View Post
    I did the same for my Tacoma. Used some elevator bolts with sides cut to make flats to slide in the bed rail channel to bolt it in.
    I used the black textured spray paint for plastics. It has held up with just a few scratches and rub marks for 3 years now.
    I'm still tinkering with ideas on how to hold the rack in place in the bed. I have chrome rails along the tops of my truck bed, so any kind of mount that would go there is out. I think, however, that I can use those chrome rails to kill two birds with one stone: put the rack in, put the bikes in the rack, then run a strap from one rail to the bikes, around the seat posts, and over to the other rail to be cinched down. That will keep the bikes from rocking back and forth and cracking the pipes, and will also hold the whole thing down.

    In theory, anyway...we'll see!

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    Pvc rack

    Made out of 2" PVC and holds 4 bikes. 2 outer slots for up to a 2.3 tire and the inner up to a 2.5" If I remember correctly it ran about 55.00 to build it. I secured it to the bed liner with clamps and screws.
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    I used the existing rails in my Frontier. Problems was Nissan wanted over $80 per mount.

    I have a friend who has a mill machine. We took a small block of aluminum and cut groves into it to keep is stable in the rail, drilled holes and bolted them in. I had to use slightly modified 1 inch washers but it is as stable as can be without any damage to the bed of the truck. The angled offset allows for 4 bikes easily and I can fit up to five if I have to.

    If you can't use metal, be sure to use a hard wood. Soft woods like pine will contract and the connections come loose. Trust me, I know.
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    Sierra coast cargo rack. Best purchase I ever made

    Sierra Coast Cargo Racks Fat Boy -

    Don't think they make them any more but it works with all wheel sizes, locks and can be bolted to the bed. And double a a motorcycle rack.

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    I made up some threaded blocks and bolted them through the inside bed rails of my Tacoma, then used the Thule sidearm roof rack system across the bed.

    I used 2 sticks of 3/4" key stock. I cut the key stock so I had 8 equal blocks. One piece has 2 threaded holes and goes up inside the bed rail, the other has bolts that go through that sandwich the bed rail between the blocks. The rack adapters bolt down to the blocks and hold the cross bars.

    Super easy to make up and put on. I only had to drill six 1/4" holes through the bed rails. The rails have factory holes along the inside, so with the rack removed you cant even tell that I put some extra holes in there.

    I have the Thule T-2 hitch rack too, so I can get 4 bikes on the Tacoma and can get gear for 4 riders under the bed rack. Bikes are on and off in less than a minute. The rack can be removed or installed in about 15 minutes, and it doubles as a roof rack for my wife's Outback.
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    Ford Ranger PVC Rack

    My son and I completed my rack this past weekend. rack materials cost around $30. I used a can of rubberized paint to finish it off with.
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    I just use tie downs its quick and simple.

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    Here's my solution. Doesn't shift or slide around at all. Holds 3 bikes with plenty of extra room.

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