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Thread: Shoud I B***H ?

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    I have worked at one and interviewed with several "bad" shops and I now know what the difference is. All the sloppy, disorganized crap in a the service area speaks volumes. I have to wonder how these shops stay in business. I think the OP should hold the shop accountable for their mistake. if they cannot do this, the deserve all the nasty online reviews they get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE ARS View Post
    If you cannot mount a tire you should kill yourself.

    You should have tried mounting my Panaracer Fire FR onto tubeless rim. Holy carp that was a major pain, super tight! It being so tight did make running it tubless even though its not a tubeless design work well. Unfortunately it was really old new stock stored outside so I had to get rid of them.
    Went to Schwalbe Hans Dampfs. They mounted up tubeless no problem, seated first try with compressor and sealed up fine. No mess at all.

    Anyway, on the topic, you can try haggle with the shop, but I don't know if it would be worth the trouble. Shops wont warranty parts not bought from them. And even more so if time has passed, once you leave the store it gets harder to argue. I know these tires are expensive (more than a lot of car tires!), but if it were me I'd chock it up as a loss and never go back to that shop.

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    Gonna be hard to prove the current shop didn't scorch the bead installing it. I would try to get your money back from first shop but I doubt it will happen. Just stay away from that shop if they don't make it right. If they do, maybe go back when your in dire

    Also, I have installed a TON of tires. I see people using tire levers to install tires. Not needed and it actually makes it much harder. start opposite stem side and work your way up to the stem. Inch your way up the sides evenly. Once you are at the 80% point where tire is very tight, go back to the bottom, make sure tire is in the center groove and inch your way up the sides again. This will give you some more slack and allow you to pop the last 20% over the edge.
    Taking the tires off. Definitely harder and tire lever is needed.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I figure they probably got me. Gonna talk to the manager tomorrow. Dont have high hopes. Anybody have a good used tubeless tire, LOL? Found access to a compressor so I will try again next week.

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