Shipping bikes

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  • 11-21-2012

    Originally Posted by HitmenOnlyInc View Post
    @Jeffscott- If I find that I am traveling with my bike more I will invest in a hard shell carrier. Which Serfas case do you have are there more than one? I see one that's about $300 but weighs 31 lbs. My bike weighs just shy of 30lbs add that to the carrier and that puts me way north of the 50 lb limit. I think Southwest charges extra for overweight baggage on top of oversized.

    Yeah I think I was about 60 lbs....I had two sets of tires...road and trail. I also threw in my snorkel equipment. I think I paid $60 bucks a few years back....

    The lady who weight it looked really worried and said sorry it is overweight....I will have to charge you $60 bucks....

    Then she looked at me and said "You allready knew that right" I go "yup".

    I have no idea how Southwest Charges but it must be easy to look up...

    I think I paid $300 bucks for it.....It sure feels lighter than my 30lb bike though
  • 11-21-2012
    ^^ Cool, Gotcha! Nice to know you can put that much extra stuff in there. That can make it worth the extra charge.
  • 11-21-2012
    My girlfriend just flew Southwest with her Canfield One in a hardshell case. I think it weighed somewhere between 70-75 lbs and there was only a $50 charge each way. The boxes are pretty secure and seem to be cheaper and easier than shipping. Try calling some LBS, a lot of them rent them by the week for a reasonable price if you dont want to shell out for a new case.
  • 11-21-2012
    I got a free box from my local bike shop and boxed my bike up once and just checked it in on Jetblue like it was my first bag, then carried on a duffle bag with my clothes. Didnt cost me anything. You should check when you check in at the counter they might be cool and let you get it in like a checked bag.
  • 11-21-2012
    Southwest allows the first two checked bags free. They take the bike in lieu of a checked bag. The $50 charge was because the bike box was oversized.
  • 11-21-2012

    Originally Posted by edubfromktown View Post
    Never thought of shipping to local REI store :thumbsup:

    I just shipped a 29er frame, boxed it was 14 lbs. via FedEx ground for $72. UPS was $81.41...

    I recently sent a frame USPS for $26 from WV to CA
  • 11-22-2012
    We used this summer to ship my kiddos bike to and from his DH/FR camp week at Woodward/Copper. Bike went from Milwaukee to Copper Mtn in CO. At the front end of the trip, arriving at a certain day/time was critical -and we'd procrastinated too long - we did the 2 day option which was a bit pricey ($112), but return just standard shipping ($34). Even then I think it was only 3 business days until we received it.

    Packed it in a bike box. We packed ourselves, getting a box from our LBS. As others mentioned, everything was zip tied together. Used some bubble wrap and that thin foam stuff to pad the bike. Maybe went a bit overboard in the protecting the bike.

    Worked beautifully.

    In our case taking on plane wasn't an option, as he was doing two weeks of camp - second with a snowboard - the amount of gear we were lugging was overwhelming (and would be difficult to fit it all in a rental), so door to door.