I need help buying a new or used XC mountain bike, i went and looked at a couple Scott scales yesterday at my LBS and was amazed with the all around ride i did not like the 29'er feel though as i'm used to a 26 inch. I'm 5'8 125 pounds and am recovering from a broken spine, I can ride again can't bend over much at all, I test road a bunch of small Scales as well as small Road bikes and thought they where the perfect fit, unfortunately they only had one Scott scale in a small and it was a shop workers bike he just put me on it to get a feel of the bike, I want a Scott scale RC for sure and my next question would be, seeing is im a male would this bike possibly fit and be the right geometry for my back, I know this is the woman's version of the scale but the geometry just looks right as well as the price,If i did purchase this bike i would get the paint redone as its a little to girlish for my liking. Any feed back would be helpful. Here is the eBay link,Scott Scale RC Contessa | eBay

and agian thanks for the help, as well i'll mainly beusing the bike for long trail/mountain XC riding and i would like to enter a race or two this summer.