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Thread: Saddle Search

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    Saddle Search

    My hardtails (On One 456 with a 140mm fork) saddle is ready to die. The saddle is an old "performance bike titanio" that was very comfortable for my ass, and seems to absorb trail chatter compared to my other saddles. Also, commpared to my other saddles, it is in the same weight category, but none of them offer the same comfort on a hardtail.

    Are there any saddles out there that offer good cushioning and decent weight (I dont have a scale, just going by feel). The saddles I have tried are WTB Silverado, Fizik Nisine, Sette Evo and a very old Bontrager saddle that is comfortable but also on its last legs (leather/material is all ripped). I am trying to keep it under 50.00 but I do want something to absorb the trail chatter and has a reasonable weight.

    Thanks for your input

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    Saddle Search

    I'm on my second WTB Volt and love it. Good blend of padding shape and light weight.

    I bought a new Ti version for $70 on eBay. The CrMo on eBay should be in your price range and under 260g
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    Asking saddle advice is like asking advice about what brand of car should I buy.

    What I find comfortable you might find horrible. There are few things in life more subjective than what is the right bike saddle for ME.

    If you were me-and you are not-you would love the Terry Fly Ti. My guess is that there is a 10% chance you would love it. Great saddle. So much so it is on both of my bikes and I have a spare in case they stop making them. Hmm, I should buy a second one...for the other bike...just in case. Twice in my mtn biking life they stopped making the saddle I used and loved...

    Yes, the saddle is that good FOR ME. Others agree or Terry would stop making the saddle. Will it work for you? Probably not, but such would be the case with 95% of all other saddles.

    Eh, give it a try...many shops will accept saddle returns if you are careful.

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    I agree with Mr5150 on Terry saddles, they are awesome! I have ridden a Fly before, but it's like trying on shoes, not every pair fits. I'm now riding a Terry Falcon which has the cutout like the Fly, but a bit softer(to me) than the Fly. I think I got it for about 75ish. Oh yeah, mine has a cool falcon on it, haven't seen to many of those.

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