Hi Dudes,

got some time off and the car packed...

Now I'm looking for some great locations to experience mountain biking in the USA.

Where should I go. I love singletracks. Smooth ones in the woods as well as rocky ones. I like great landscape (but when I'm on my bike I have no time for landscape). Jumps, little drop-offs... are great too, but I'm a whimp when it comes to bigger ones or to gap jumps (thats where I got my name from. I'm no chick at all )...

I'm still in the north and I heard off all those great Northshore trails in BC. Is it still possible to bike there or is it to wet allready? What about Whistler? And later I want to go south. Where (except Moab) do I want to go? Does anybody of you wants to show me your favourite rides?