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    Road bike for girlfriend... what option is better?

    You guys have been great with my mountain bike questions so I wanted to see if there was any willing posters to help out with a road bike question.

    For what she's willing to spend, there are 2 options:

    -Full carbon frame/Tiagra components

    -Aluminum frame/carbon fork/Ultegra components

    I got a carbon road bike so I don't really want to have a much more speed capable bike where I'm always going to fly ahead, but I don't want her to have poverty components either. The first road bike I ever rode had Ultegra components so that's kind of "par" to me. I don't know what Tiagra is like or if she would hate it.

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    I'm imagining that the carbon frame with low-end components is probably not super high end carbon either. I work at a shop that sells and services a lot of road bikes. As a tech there, but not a roadie, I can tell you with certainty that there is a big difference in functionablity between Ultegra and Tiagra. Personally, I would go aluminum ultegra.

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    Go with the one that she likes the most and fits the best. Tiagra are good components and al frames aren't slow (see CAAD 10).

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    I recently had a similar choice. I went in and test rode a CAAD 10 Ultegra and a SuperSix 105.

    I preferred the CAAD 10, so I bought that. I'm sure someone else has done the same test ride and gone the opposite way though....

    All connections to the bike are through carbon anyway (forks, seatpost and cranks).

    If it was my wife, she'd pick the bike based solely on colour

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    At first I thought your thread title read road bike or girlfriend.

    I was gonna suggest girlfriend.
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    What did she like ? Test ride more bikes ,then she will chose one.

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    It depends on 2 things:

    Do you expect she will do long rides in excess of 2 hours? If so, you should probably get the carbon frame as it will likely be more comforatable (assuming similar geometries).

    Are you or she comfortable doing your own deuraileur adjustments? If so, you would probably be OK with the Tiagra as they tend to need more frequent adjustment & are more finicky than Ultegra. If not, go with Ultegra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burtronix View Post
    Do you expect she will do long rides in excess of 2 hours? If so, you should probably get the carbon frame as it will likely be more comforatable (assuming similar geometries).
    IMHO tire selection and pressure has way more bearing on how smooth a road bike will feel than frame material. If going for a really long ride drop your psi from 110 to 90...

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    At some point I'll be buying a new road bike. Most likely I'll go aluminum/mid grade components. I don't want to spend much more than 1500. Even at that it's still a bit pricey for my tastes. I have an old steel road rig currently. My plan is to let her ride my new road bike and I'll ride the old steel steed. When she goes with. At least this way it might get her into riding. At least occasionally. I'll still put plenty of miles on the new one myself.

    Gotta get my new SS first. And upgrade that, change some stuff etc...before I worry about a new road bike. She'll be on my geared mtb bike occasionally I hope! While I ride the SS. I'm pretty sure she won't want to mess with the SS thing. As she isn't one to ride aggressively.
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    Just picked up a bike for my gf, her main deciding factor was color. I don't think she could really tell the difference between a cheap carbon frame and an aluminum frame. She went with an aluminum frame with better components, having bulletproof shifting, lighter wheels, and wide gearing were my main factors for her. It was also the correct color. Heh.

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