a part of me hates that im making one of these threads but im pretty torn.
I had ben using a pair of 'Specialized Lo-Pro Mag II, sealed cartridge bearing' pedals that came off a P3. Now im selling the old P3 and told him the pedals can go with it so i need new ones for my trail/am bike.

based on looks/reviews im down to the answer 'Rove FR' and the straightline 'defactos'.
(Really like the specialized 'beanies' but reviews and sellers are few.)
Both are prob more than i originally planned to spend but since this is likely the last set of pedals ill buy for a while i figured ill listen to peoples advice to get something quality.
Rove FR: 80$
Defactos: 110$ (but also get consistently better reviews)

All opinions welcome (throw in your alternative if you think its really worth mentioning over these)