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    Park Tools tire booties

    Ok, tire boots.

    I must be some kinda Neanderfock, but I don't know how to apply these. They come in a pack of three. But there are 3 layers to the damn things- you gots the backing, you gots a sticky cardboard thing on top of that, then you have a clear plastic layer (also sticky) with their logo on it. Do you peel off just the top layer with the logo and just use that for the boot, or do you peel off the top two layers, or what?

    I tried it with the top two, and it didn't stick very well or conform to the tire well. I then took off the top layer and used that, but it seems kind of thin- the tube still bulges through a 1/2 sidewall cut.

    The directions are no help, it just shows the logo being applied to the inside of the tire- you can't tell if it's one or two layers.

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    Duct or Gorilla tape?
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    Disclaimer - I've never used the Park tire boot.

    From the two photos on the Park Tool website, it appears that the printed layer and the "fiber weave reinforcement" layer stay together and the third (larger) protective layer peels off.

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