Hello all,

I'm in a band which uses pre-programmed electronics (Reason) which we play live music over. Up until recently, we have been using a laptop with the music sequencing program on it and running it through a PA for practice/live shows. Well, the damn thing has died twice, most recently right before a show. So we had to borrow some else's laptop and burn our tracks to a CD, and basically use the laptop as a CD player. Well, the damn thing skipped during a live performance. We need a new system.

What I'm looking for is a portable audio device which:
1) Can run on battery and AC power
2) Holds around 2-3 hours of music
4) Is *very* durable
5) < $150
6) Easy software interface for loading/recording tracks. W

We are considering some sort of MP3 player or a Minidisc player. I'm kinda leaning towards the MD player, just so we can keep extra backups of the tracks on seperate discs and would be able to easily replace the player if it broke while on tour.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.