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    OT: Is this hard on a hard drive?

    My son is going away for a couple of years (no, not prison) and wonders if he can just turn his laptop off and store it away without any loss or coruption of information, music/picture files etc.
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    As opposed to leaving it on? Just kidding....I've never had a problem firing up an old computer except having the patience to wait for it to get up to speed compared to a newer one. Don't store it near really large magnets or microwave transmitters or other stuff probably not in your house...
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    Close all the applications that are open and shut it down, start / shutdown, if it is XP/2000/linux graphical display. If it is locked, then press ctrl/alt/del and you may get a shutdown button option.

    If not...
    Press and hold the power button till it shuts off.

    Store it in a cool dry place, unplugged.

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    If you were really paranoid you could take out the hard drive, put it in a static bag( or rather an anti-static bag) and put it in the vegetable crisper in your refrigerator. (Very dry environment.)

    Or you could just put the laptop in a rubbermaid-like container and stick it in a closet.

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    You would be better off starting it up every once in a while. New HD's are well designed but they are designed to move and have different types of lubrication to do this. Sitting for a long period could maybe might cause a problem. I would send an email to the tech support for the drive manufacturer and ask them, they would know best. If it was me I would remove the drive and store it dry, use some agrophobic material to keep the H2O level at 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRob
    My son is going away for a couple of years (not, not prison) and wonders if he can just turn his laptop off and store it away without any loss or coruption of information, music/picture files etc.
    If the contents are important - BACKUP. But he should already be doing backup.

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    There is no problem leaving it there even though I would recomend putting a towel or a plastic over it so it doesnt collect dust. Make sure it is in a cool place.

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    I'd pull the battery(ies) and not store them in the unit, that way they're not connected in circuit. In the rare possibility that they have a "chemistry problem" they won't be able to damage the notebook.

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    Ouch! Not too much good advice here! I work in the audio recording industry, and we frequently have to recover data off frozen hard drives that people use as back ups. Many times they store the data on them, and then just sit them on a shelf for years. The problem, is that the grease in the platter bearings can harden if you let it sit too long, and then the drive won't spin up. Storing it at 0 percent humidity will only speed up this process!

    It is recommended to start up ALL hard drives at least once a month to make sure this doesn't happen. I'm not saying that it WON'T start up if you don't, but the chances are much greater than it won't. Recovering data off of a siezed hard drive can run you anywhere from $200-$2000.

    Since it's a laptop and probably doesn't have bigger than a 60GB drive in it, I would recommend backing up the data to DVD-R's if you can, just to be safe. Then just power on the laptop once a month or so.

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