• 12-21-2012
    I like christmas and my family, they are all fun and cool people so it's always a joy. I'm looking forward to meeting them again.
  • 12-21-2012
    I live in the PNW
    It rains up here at least 7 months a year :( No light, no riding, and I get grumpy. Off now to ride a road bike for a spin :) Better than nothing. I do enjoy Christmas though....
  • 12-25-2012
    Festivus for the rest of us!
    I only like xmas because if my sons enjoyment and a few get togethers with friends. other than that, HATE IT!

    traffic, everywhere crowded, work is the busiest, forced overtime, wife cooks and wraps but never cleans, too much crap around the house, iam the only one who helps with the f'in tree....no time for self
  • 01-01-2013
    The holidays this time take on a whole new meaning, my father passed away in 2009, and his birthday was on Christmas day. So it's always a tough pill to swallow when Christmas rolls around.
  • 11-25-2013
    Bumpity bump bump.
  • 11-25-2013
    Dusting off your "bah humbug" again?
  • 11-26-2013
    Christmas is about shopping, presents, and money. Screw all that. I've tried going present free but there's always someone that feels like you've forgotten them or are being cheap, instead of refocusing on what it should be about.

    I pretty much hate almost everyone every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I used to think that Thanksgiving was the last 'pure' holiday but it seems the retailers have gone and taken that too.
  • 11-26-2013
    I used to love it. I didn't have a particularly close family, my parents were rarely home and the season was the one time of year where I felt a sense warmth and closeness. Now I generally get together with my wife's family, nothing wrong with them at all but it just isn't the same. Now I just feel like its a big scramble that sends the masses clamoring for worthless baubles.