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    New question here. Older KHS FXT Descent MTB - worth tuning up???

    I've got a 1998 KHS FXT Descent that I've had since new. It went quite a few years with just occasional use but I seem to be doing a bit more riding lately now that my kids are getting older. Here's the bikepedia link:

    I've noticed it seems to be creeking and flexing more than it used to as well as having difficulty shifting. I'm wondering if it is worth an overhaul that might end up costing around $100+ or because of the advancements in design/componentry, is it worth just trying to get a newer Trek 4300 or Felt Q520 type bike.

    The other piece to this is my 5'2" 12yo is getting pretty big for his BMX bike and will probably need something soon since he is riding his bike everyday to 7th grade. Whether I fix this or buy something in the $400 price range, he will probably end up taking it over.



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    get the kid a fixie, start him off right with a cheap single speed, also i find bikes on CL for almost nithing everyday
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    I wouldn't bother tuning it up if it's creaking and flexing more than it used to. i've broken frames before. Not a good idea.

    Don't get him a fixie. DONT!! Sorry, I just get cut off by all those little short-bar hipsters all day long where I live, and I have an inordinate amount of hatred toward them. Tender spot. Get him a good starter mountain bike off of Craigslist, the classifieds here at mtbr, or eBay. You'll find a lot better deals if you get a lightly used one, rather than looking at shops, esp if your son doesn't need anything super awesome right now.
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    I wouldn't tune it up because of the way you described the frame flexing more. It would suck to tune it up and the frame break because of fatigue.
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    Thanks for the replies so far...

    My LBS said to bring it in and they would give it a look over. They told me everything looks fine and would just require a normal tune-up type job to clean everything up, tighten cables, align derailers, etc....

    As for the flexing, since it is a full susp bike, they think it is the connection point bushing that is just getting old. Unfortunately they didn't seem confident it could be fixed since it is such an old bike. They said they might be able to fix it but more than likely I'd just ride it until it was totally gone and then part out the bike. No part could be ordered and it would only be fixed if they could find something similar.

    Does that sound right?

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