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    Old School Huffy rebuild

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help in a rebuild. A friend of mine was going to throw away an old (I estimate late 80's, early 90's) Huffy Grand Tour - being a bike lover I rescued it from the local scrappers and would like to convert it to a single speed commuter. The frame is in great shape, barely a scratch on it, wiped off some dust and dirt and it still has a nice shine.
    This will be my first major bike project, having only done minor repairs and upgrades to previous bikes. I managed to strip all the parts off and I am now looking at a bare frame. The biggest upgrades I would like are, if possible, to go from a one-piece crankset to a three piece. I also want to go from a 1" threaded to 1" or 1-1/8" threadless for the fork.

    Question, is this possible? I found this conversion kit for the BB:

    Has anyone tried this before? I don't know if it will work or fall apart after two rides. I'd like to get a nice singlespeed crankset on it and would like to stay away from the heavy, outdated one-piece systems.

    As for the fork, I'd like to keep it rigid. I stuck an old 1-1/8 tube in there and it fit fine, but I'm not sure of any other compatibility issues. Anyone know anything I don't?

    I appreciate any help or suggestions, thanks! I'm really looking forward to this project and getting onto a singlespeed.

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    Those crank adapters work fine, but try putting a 1-1/8 headset in the frame to find your compatibility problem

    Seems like a waste of money to spend a dime on it, but it's your money so go crazy Chester.
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    If you like it, do it to it. You will have a problem with the headset though. Lots of stuff to
    be found on E-bay. Good luck, and post a pic when your done.

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    Thanks, I've been searching eBay, Amazon and other sites for good deals on some small parts. I just came across the Truvativ American to Euro BB adapter, has anyone tried this before? It seems a bit more reliable than the Pyramid adapter I linked in the OP.

    Truvativ BB conversion kit:

    I have spare bottom bracket and cranks to use with this, seems like a deal to me. Just wondering if there are any known issues. Thanks!

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    I have a similar BB in my 71 Schwinn Cruiser I redid. They work great!

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    Awesome, glad to hear it!

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