• 07-15-2011
    (1) Chattanooga, TN...but have had the pleasure of living in & riding the worlds best terrain including Colorado, Germany, Washington.

    (2) Experienced trail rider

    (3) Currently just 1 bike. I had owned 5 high end bikes which a nasty ex of mine decided to sell off while I was in Iraq.

    (4) I have been on a bike my entire life but decided to get serious about cycling in 1997, so 14 years of quality saddle time

    (5) I don't use any forums all that much. I do keep up with my favorite manufacturers, retailers, and teams on Facebook

    Just looking to get the coveted 5 post count thing down so I can get some feedback on what people think about getting in road miles on a mountain bike. At the moment it's my only option. I need to get out & ride everyday, but due to weather, the cost of travel to trails, I'm thinking why not hit up the road daily and get some fitness in. Do any of you hit up the road on your mountain bikes? I'm rebuilding, and a road bike is in the future but in the meantime I feel like I have to do the best with what I have. Or is it just not worth the effort?
  • 07-15-2011
    darth biker
    the schwinn mesa is a good bike entry level bike. both my wife and have them.
    i raced mine once. she's heavy but sturdy.
  • 07-15-2011
    1.) Where you are from? (as specific as you care to share)

    Born and raised in the bay area...San Jose, California

    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? (ex: beginner, weekend warrior, all mtn/trail rider, XC racer, downhiller, singlespeeder, 29er rider, etc...)

    I consider myself an intermediate rider. I use to ride 4 times a week up until the point I got married and started a family. That was about 7 years ago. I just started riding again less then a month ago. I often visit Alum Rock Boccard0, Stevens Creek Canyon, and Grant Ranch.

    3.) How many bikes you own?

    Current 1. 2000 Klein Mantra carbon fiber.

    4.) How long have you been riding?

    I picked up mountain bike riding in the mid 90's.

    5.) What forums do you frequent most? (either here or on other sites)

    1st mountain bike forum I have joined. Since I last picked up a bike it seems as though this sport has grown.

    Add anything else you care to share.

    I have a upgrade question to ask. Since the rule prohibit me from posting a new thread I am unable to ask my question in the appropriate sub forum.

    Yesterday I fried my rear hub and decided to spend a little money on the bike and upgrade both front and rear wheels. There is a Mavic M517 ceramic coated rim mounted with XTR M960's for $450 out the door, is it worth it to spend the money on this vintage set?
  • 07-15-2011
    Reside in Richmond, VA
    Ride 3-4 times a week
    2011 Gary Fisher Marlin 29er with a few upgrades
    Been riding for about 16 years, but back on the bike after a 3 year hiatus
  • 07-15-2011
    Hey everyone just checking in. I have recently got back into mtn biking after a few years out of the saddle. I know it's going to be a long road in getting back to what I use to do but I have forgot how much I love to ride. I'm in the Olympia, WA area and I would consider myself a weekend warrior in the all mountain class if I had to actually class myself. The only ride I have right now is a KHS fsc 504 now but I am on the hunt for a Giant or Norco FS to upgrade. As I said, I have been riding off and on since 1995 and the last time I really rode was 2005. As far as as other forums, I visit a few Jeep forums and some tactical ones and my passion over the last few years has been shooting.

  • 07-16-2011
    well this is my akward first time...
    residing in the nor cal central valley, don't come here 'less you have to.
    rode bmx as a youngster, merely flirted with mtb the last few years but am ambitious.
    2 bikes, well 1 heaping diamond back response which i bought a size too big but has got me started none the less, and just picked up a super v frame and gots some planz build for my first time.
    just a local trail here, but looking forward to so much great terrain not too far in any direction.
    first forum. i'm rather techno shy but here it goes.
    i think i did what the directions told me...
  • 07-16-2011
    Sorry, double tap.

    Please delete.
  • 07-16-2011
    Hello, I am glad to have found this forum.

    - I live in Virginia Beach, VA
    - I ride 4-5 times a week
    - My bike is an Independent Fabrication Deluxe, but I am currently looking for a 2011 Trek Gary Fisher Superfly Elite in 19"
    - Been riding since 1989, but just getting back from eight years off a bike.

    It's good to be back.
  • 07-16-2011
    1) George from houston, Tx.
    2) Im a weekend warrior
    3) I own one bike
    4) Ive been riding for about a year and a half

    Hey all. I recently started trail riding with my wife. Both of us fell in love with this sport about a year and a half ago. we started on walmart bikes but we just recently upgraded to our first real trail bike. as much as we ride we felt we deserved to upgrade. Anyways, just checking in and hopefully we will be visiting this site often
  • 07-16-2011
    1) Originally from Greenville, NC, where I cut my teeth on ramps and freestyling in the early 90's, on a Kuwahara Bravo. Around the world with grad school. Now I'm in Philly, right next to the Wissahickon trails.

    2) All mountain: XC to DH, and jumping, until my knees give. Commuter.

    3) 09 Santa Cruz Blur xc; 04 Specialized p2; 10 Kink Whip; 07 Origin 8 Uno

    4) about 9 am, hungover

    5) working on it

    Thanks for...
  • 07-16-2011
    1.) Beijing but now relocating to Sydney for uni
    2.) XC trails/tourer/beginner, still young..
    3.) As of now 2, Btwin Rockrider 5.3 09, Merida Matts TFS XC 100-D
    4.) Riding seriously for roughly a year and a bit now
    5.) OCN, DJ Techtools
  • 07-16-2011
    AJ Al
    Hello to all
    1.) Where you are from? Apache Junction, AZ
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? I consider myself beginner but think I have a little bit of skill, so maybe a step above beginner
    3.) How many bikes you own? 2 - Trek XC, Giant Revel 0
    4.) How long have you been riding?15ish years (no off road), last 6 months have been off roading
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? not too many

    I found a new liking after riding a bike with ft suspension (a lot of rocks and rough stuff out here in the desert). No more aching wrists and hands.
    I have ridden dirt bikes and still ride road bikes (motorcycles). I enjoy scuba diving, although I don't go as much as I would like. Just about anything outdoors.
    I thought mountain biking would help me get back into shape a bit while enjoying the great outdoors. I will probably frequent the Arizona part of the forums but thought I should introduce myself to all.
  • 07-16-2011
    Hi, I'm Melinda. Since I won't be able to post on introduction thread. I want to say hello to everyone out there. :)

    1. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. Currently having a vacation here in Philippines.
    2. Can't say beginner. Is there an intermediate?
    3. One(1), a mountain bike.
    4. 2 years? want to become fit
    5. dogs and cats.
  • 07-16-2011
    Just sayin Hi
    Hi all, first post so here we go

    1.) Where you are from? (as specific as you care to share) Orlando, FL
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? (ex: beginner, weekend warrior, all mtn/trail rider, XC racer, downhiller, singlespeeder, 29er rider, etc...) all mtn/trail
    3.) How many bikes you own? Specialized Hardrock Sport
    4.) How long have you been riding? off and on for 20 years
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? (either here or on other sites) just this one for mtb and some other for the 4runner
  • 07-16-2011
    1.) Where you are from? San Josť, Costa Rica

    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? all mtn, maybe some XC

    3.) How many bikes you own? One precious Iron Stallion

    4.) How long have you been riding? since December 08

    5.) What forums do you frequent most? this one and Puromtb.com

  • 07-16-2011
    1.) Where you are from? Central OR

    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? XC/AM lite

    3.) How many bikes you own? 1

    4.) How long have you been riding? since before dirt, actually just back in last fall.

    5.) What forums do you frequent most? Mtbr
  • 07-16-2011
    Sorry had to get one more out of the way so I can ask my BB question.
  • 07-16-2011
    Ok, first timer here - be gentle!
    1.) Where you are from? Blaine, WA
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? Beginner/Weekend Warrior
    3.) How many bikes you own? 1 HARO Shift R-7
    4.) How long have you been riding? Just about a year now
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? This is the first
  • 07-16-2011
    1 Attachment(s)
    1.) Where you are from? ( Blaine,WA)
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? ( weekend warrior, all mtn/trail rider, XC.:thumbsup: )
    3.) How many bikes you own? (One bike=Trek Liquid, minor upgrades.)
    4.) How long have you been riding? (off and on all my life..)
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? (MTBR,Pirate 4x4,Nw-wheelers.)
  • 07-16-2011
    Brandon here! I just got back into mountainbiking after hiatus for about 8 years. Had surgery on my elbow and all I wanted to do was get active again.
    I picked up a sweeeeeeet gently used SC Tazmon while I was still in a cast and now I'm back on the trails here near Vegas. Good times!
  • 07-16-2011
    Just Another First Timer =)
    1.) Where Are You From? New Mexico!!
    2.) What Kind Of Rider Do You Consider yourself? Beginner!! With questions ha!
    3.) How Many Bikes You Own? one-2011 Giant Yukon. Need Upgrades!!
    4.) How Long Have You Been Riding? Less then month! Lots to Learn!!
    5.) What Fromus Do You Frequent Most? I like to explore!!
  • 07-17-2011
    Just saying hello. I HATE how I have to comment 5 times so i can post. it's annoying.
  • 07-17-2011
    Hello everyone. Noobie from Princeton, NJ. Just getting back into biking after a long hiatus. Was a runner, primarily, but knee says no more, so going back to biking. Currently doing road, but want to try trail.
  • 07-17-2011
    I'm new here... Lol
    Just getting backing into riding again
    Big Hit
  • 07-17-2011
    1.) Where you are from? Mcdonough ,Ga
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? beginner
    3.) How many bikes you own? 3 , 2 ,old bmx bikes , 1, 2011 trek ex8
    4.) How long have you been riding? 6 months
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? singletracks.com and various discussion forums on here.
    Hello everyone my name is Shane . I fell back into riding with a local group of photographers , who happen to ride all of the time. Since purchasing my bike I've have lost 27+ pounds and have found a whole new me or at least got in touch with the inner child I lost way back when I started driving . I ride 2 to 3 times a week now 99% offroad as we have some great trails around here . Looking forward to finding some more great trails .
  • 07-17-2011
    mike fry
    jamestown pa
    trail all mountain bmx
    my mountain bike was stolen looking to build a new one and would love opinions when i get goin
    fav place is where ever im at and can be on a bike....any bike
  • 07-17-2011
    Have to get my post count up so I can post in the SoCal area!

    I'm in Murrieta, CA.
    I guess I'm an intermediate rider.
    I own a Santa Cruz Superlight and a DeRosa steel road bike.
    I've been riding since I was about 6 or so and I'm 55 now.
    This is the only bike forum I am on (so far). I'm on a bunch of car/hot rod, motorcycle and boat forums but you all probably don't care about that! :thumbsup:

    Relatively new to this area and am looking for trails and riders.
  • 07-17-2011
    Hi there
    Was hoping to receive some advice from members here but finding it difficult to post in the sections that would fit my questions. I assume this forum has been hammered by spammers or something, which would explain the strict first post requirements.

    Anyhow, I'm Steve... reside in SE PA. I've been mountain biking on the trails in SEPA and NEPA since about 2000. Here's the thing though, I've been doing so on a POS Trek. It was the bottom of the barrel model when I picked it up 8 or so years ago. And truthfully... I shouldn't call it a POS since it has treated me very well.

    I do mountaineering and oddly enough have the best equipment for it. When it comes to biking though... for some reason I've never splurged.

    I'd like to change that. I'm starting to trail ride around here more frequently and given that the trek is a hardtail with rubber breaks... it's just not cutting it anymore. I don't know much about modern bikes but from the looks of them... they've come a LONG way.

    I asked a buddy who does a lot of riding what bike I should get. He claimed that I should stick with Specialized and he recommended the Enduro Comp. Definitely a steep price tag... but it it's worth it, I'd certainly be willing to spend the money.

    I was hoping to hear from you guys - would it be insane for someone to pick up their first *real* bike for $3k or whatever the going rate is for that bike?

    One thing's for certain... it'll get used.

    Thanks in advance!

  • 07-17-2011
    1.) Where you are from? (as specific as you care to share)
    Austin, Texas
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself?
    I've been a techy xc rider for most of 30 years... now discovering I love hills, climbing and descending
    3.) How many bikes you own?
    One- RacerX 29er, 80mm front/rear
    4.) How long have you been riding?
    since I was 5? I'm 37 now so.... got my first mountain bike at 12 years old.
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? (either here or on other sites)
    Normally on my LBS forum (hammerheadbikes.com) on the trail, or stuck at work.
  • 07-17-2011
    First Time Check In.
    Hello all! Anthony here checking in..

    1.) Where you are from? (as specific as you care to share)
    South Jersey

    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself?
    Beginner, Weekend warrior,

    3.) How many bikes you own?
    Gary Fisher Mt. Tam 29er - 2003

    4.) How long have you been riding?
    Off and on for about 15 years. Mostly off..

    5.) What forums do you frequent most?

    Add anything else you care to share.

    Been out of the sport for a while and starting to pick it back up. Looking for some beginner rides to get legs and technicals back..
  • 07-17-2011
    BZ Gal
    Hi, all, I'm Beverly...

    1.) Where you are from? NW suburbs of Chicago
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? Novice... hopefully graduating to the "I don't run into trees anymore" level by the end of the summer =)
    3.) How many bikes you own? 1 - Trek X-Cal 29er
    4.) How long have you been riding? MTBing for about 1 month. I'm in love.
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? Checked out 29ers and Women's Lounge while researching bikes/gear, now spending a lot of time at CAMBR.org to learn about local trails.
  • 07-17-2011
    Hello all My name is Dan here is a bit on me.

    1.) Where you are from? Eugene, Oregon
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? Beginner, Haven't been on a bike in years.
    3.) How many bikes you own? 1 - 2011 Specialized Hardrock - Base Model -- Just got it 7-16-11
    4.) How long have you been riding? A few days!
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? Looked at the Specialized boards a ton to help me pick the bike.

    I bought my bike for exercise and transport. I chose a Mountain Bike because I am a heavy guy and I wanted it to hold up to some weight. A few of the bike shops tried to talk me into a road bike, but I wanted an option later on to do some trails. Plus who doesn't like the looks of a Mountain Bike!!! :thumbsup:
  • 07-17-2011
    New member in SL,UT
    been trying to get myself around on all these trails of salt lake. did millcreek climb from pay stop to pipe line to rattlensnake gulch today. rattlesnake is supposed to be advanced tech? thought it was pretty mellow. at first i was hesitant to take the gf down but she ended up saying the descent was a walk in the park. Trying to find some good tech. rides around salt lake, or anywhere worthy of a weekend trip. thanks

  • 07-18-2011
    Luis Gil
    1.) I'm from Lisbon, Portugal
    2.) 29er Rider
    3.) A have a Epic 29er
    4) I just ridding since June 2011... and i'm loving it
    5.) Portuguese Foruns
  • 07-18-2011
    Hello, all.

    I am actually not new to MTB Review. I have posted several trails over the years but never anything to this forum.

    1) I am from Washougal, WA.
    2) I am a daily MTB rider--1500 miles so far this year, about 90% of this on my mountain bike, the other 10% on a road bike (just to say I did it). We ride in the rain here in Washington at least half the year.
    3) I (we) have 17 bicycles, five unicycles (one of them a five-foot giraffe unicycle), and an ultimate wheel. With seven children, all of whom ride and race moutain bikes and some of whom also ride/race unicycles, our RV is quite a sight with our five-bike ATOC Draftmaster rack on the back and our four-bike Thule rack on the front, fully loaded.
    4) Like most folks, I have been riding since I was five or six, but only casually until 11 years again when I bought my first MTB--a 2000 GT Timberline hardtail. Now I ride a Giant Trance. We have been replacing all the cheap garage-sale bikes with Specialized & Felt from our local shop as the hand-me-downs wear out. Hopefully, only good bikes from now on.
    5) I have spent a lot of time on the trail review forums here
  • 07-18-2011
    Giant Trance X3 bottom bracket
    I cannot figure out how to get past the "To create new threads in this forum your post count must be 5 or greater. You currently have 1 posts." message when trying to post this to the Manufacturers -> Giant forum, so I am posting here.

    Giant just replaced my failing Trance2 frame with a TranceX3 frame under warranty. Unlike my Trance2, which required a threaded bottom bracket, the Trance X3 requires a press-fit bottom bracket (41 mm ID). I have a Shimano SLX/Hollowtech II crankset/bottom bracket set and am trying to determine two things:

    1. Is there a press-in adapter that will allow me to use my threaded bottom bracket (my preferred solution), or
    2. Is there a press-fit bottom bracket for this frame and crankset combination?
  • 07-18-2011
    Hey all. My name is Mike:

    1.) Where you are from? Montana
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? Intermediate
    3.) How many bikes you own? 1 MTB: Trek 4500, but thinking about my first FS. 1 single speed road bike (dumpster find and rebuild).
    4.) How long have you been riding? Consistently for about 3 years now.
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? Just this one so far
  • 07-18-2011
    Hello - centershot's my handle - archery term which I also enjoy.

    1) I'm from Twin Falls, Idaho at the bottom in the middle (you know, where Evil Knievel crashed into the canyon and home of the only bridge in the US that is legal to base jump off of)
    2) I'm a weekend warrior now, did a few XC races back in the late 1980's and have just gotten back into riding more seriously the last couple of years.
    3) One bike guy here, a 2009 Trek 6500 hardtail - considering a GF Hi-Fi 29er.
    4) Started Mountain Biking in the mid 1980's on a Univega - moved up to a Klein Pinnacle and rode that off and on until 2009 when I bought the Trek above.
    5) I like the review forums, lots of good unbias info there.
  • 07-18-2011
    Yikes, four posts in and I am just now finding this thread! Well five posts now.

    1.) Upstate NY, but I live in Maryland right now.

    2.) XC for sure. I basically just try not to kill myself.

    3.) Five for me, which isn't counting the two I bought my wife.

    4.) Since 1984

    5.) I'm still finding my way around. It's a big place and I'm still trying to work out where everything is.
  • 07-18-2011
    1.) Where you are from? I live in Phoenix, Arizona USA
    2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? Beginner, AM/XC
    3.) How many bikes you own? 1 - Giant Revel 1
    4.) How long have you been riding? Rode BMX as a kid religiously, but have just recently started mountain biking, 6 weeks (already lost 10lbs)
    5.) What forums do you frequent most? MTBR.com (only mountain bike forums I've found that i like).

    Add anything else you care to share. - I just bought a house, and realized that I could get a mountain bike (apt was very small, no room for a bike, and a friends bike was stolen, completely turned me off of getting a bike until I got a house. Its amazing, how now I can "find the time" to get some miles in on my bike. I friggen love it. Just in 6 weeks I've already lost noticeable weight (both in number and in physique). I wish I would have started this sooner.

    And feel free to post a photo of your bike or even better, you riding your bike on your local/favorite trail!.

  • 07-18-2011
    Breaking Down
    First and maybe last post due to restrictions on posting...
    New to the forum. Not very knowledgeable about bikes as I'd rather just ride them. Don't really care to much for all the specifics. That said I've finally reached the point that it's time to retire my first bike, a 98 Jamis Dakota. So after 13 years on this bike I decided I needed two bikes instead of just one and I've invested in a WFO 9. Couldn't pass on a great deal. However, it's WAY overkill for most of the riding I do so looking at keeping it real with a SIR 9 built as a SS. Now my problem. Never ridden SS and no real option to try it out, but love the idea of it. Another bit of disclosure, I had knee surgery 7 months ago and am not sure the knee can handle the load but am still intrigued to try. 32-20 on my 26er is about the limit. Is SS a dumb idea? What would be a good gearing choice? Can any one steer me towards some discussions on gearing for SS? eg the physics of ratios, lever arms, comparisons between 26" and 29", etc. Thanks for the help!

    ps Do people actually ever read these newbie posts?
  • 07-18-2011
    Hey I'm j-curl

    I'm from California

    I'm about as green as you can be when it comes to biking, I haven't been on a bike in about 13 years. For some reason I've developed a strong urge to ride and I fully intend to indulge myself.

    I don't own a single one. That's actually why I'm here, to find help and advice on what I should be looking for as a beginner. Unfortunately I can't create topics yet to ask lol.

    How long have I been biking? I haven't, but I fully intend to start doing it regularly.

    As far as biking forums go, this would be my first one.
  • 07-18-2011
    1.) Gianluca Fenzo from Chile
    2.) I'm a downhiller! hell yeah!
    3.) I own only one bike but I have sold the frameset it was a Giant Dhcomp 2005
    4.) I have been riding since 2008
    5.) Dh/Fr, general, and the classifieds
  • 07-18-2011
    1.) New to Washington State
    2.) I just got into trail riding and all around riding, nothing too serious
    3.) I had a Gary Fisher Marlin Disc which I liked until I took it to the shop and found that the bracket hadn't been put on properly (Trek is not on my Christmas list now). Got a replacement Trek 4500 and swapped out the Suntour front fork with my old Rock Shox Dart 3. Having issues with the front axle and i don't think its compatible with my new Shimano rims
    4.) Got back into riding last year
    5.) first time in here, looking for some assistance in the forums for my axle problems
  • 07-18-2011
    1.) from Norcal
    2.) beginner/weekend warrior
    3.) 1 bike - 2010 rockhopper sl
    4.) riding since i was 7
    5.) mtbr for MTB
  • 07-19-2011
    Whats good people?

    I'm new to the forums but not to the game, been ridin all my life, just turned 23.

    I'm from Eureka, CA, its way up north.

    I started "seriously" riding with I was about 16, got into XC, rode the hell out of a XTC, one day I launched a 7 stair to flat and cracked it... sent it to Giant, they sent back an STP. launched a 12 to flat a while later, sent the STP to Giant haha, got another STP... I no longer go that big to flat on my STP :p

    I built a Steelhead SS with a freecoaster and I ride urban with that, also cracked that one doin... iono what, probably that same 12 stair. So looking to replace it maybe with something from atomlab.

    I also have a Bullit, the newer version, have yet to crack that *crosses fingers*

    Anyway just wanted to say hi.
  • 07-19-2011
    1.) Somerville, MA
    2.) Maybe I'm a weekend warrior, or perhaps all mtn/trail... Not sure of the distinction but I read more often than just the weekends.
    3.) Two - Old Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo and a 2010 Cannondale F5
    4.) Been mountain biking for 5 years. Have always ridden bikes though.
    5.) I post at drummerworld.com and recently started posting here.

    I mountain biked a ton between 2000-2004 and spent a lot time at mtbr.com for trail reviews in NJ. I never posted on the forum, but after finding some good info from some posters, I've been sucked in...
  • 07-19-2011
    I'm getting back into riding again. I'm actively shopping for a 29er. I test rode a 19 in Trek Hifi in a parking lot. Loved the feel of it. I'm 6-4 210 so I think I should be on a 21. The Rumblefish I has my interest. Joined the forum to really soak up the knowledge here. Thanks in advance to everyone who answers my idiotic questions!

    1.) North East Pennsylvania
    2.) I'm 10 years away from riding. Getting back into it.
    3.) I own 1. A 2000 XL Klein Attitude Comp.
    4.) I rode daily from 1995-2000. Lost interest for 10 yrs now I'm back into it.
    5.) I'm a musician so I frequent guitar forums.
  • 07-19-2011
    Climber Rob
    1.) North Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
    2.) All-Mountain
    3.) 1
    4.) 17 years
    5.) Mostly here
  • 07-19-2011
    this site is already tedious as hell. why is it behaving so slowly?