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    My cycle trainer blew up

    Hello, this is my first thread I've started so sorry in advance if it is too long or not correct.

    anyway about a year or so I borrowed a cycle train from a guy at work. It was very old but in good shape. It is a mag trainer, has an adjuster for resistance,and a cast aluminum flywheel. I started using about twice a week for 6 months missing a week here and there do to work. One day the guy at work says "hey I know you are not a road biker but I used to put my Cannondale on there and peddle as fast as I could just to see how fast I could go" He told me some high MPH, me being 32 he is like 50, I figured I can surly do alot better than him. So a few days later Iím at home pedaling away watching Netflix,and all the sudden I remembered his story. So Iím like what the hell, I set myphone and head phones on the freezer next to me and started pedaling like madman.big ring in the front smallest in the back. I looked down Iím doing like 50, I figure I can go faster so I standup and pedal faster, look down 72,sweet that is really fast. About 5 seconds I hear a loud bang, crack, and parts startflying across the basement floor. My wife and kids come rushing down the stairs to see if I'm ok. I was fine thankfully.

    I looked down and the magnetic tensioner's house had split in half, the aluminum disk inside looked like a taco, and all but the center of the aluminumfly wheel was missing. So I started looking around for the fly wheel, it is bright blue so should be easy to find. I looked for about 30 minutes and only found a 1/4 of it, and it is about 5" diameter. So Iím looking and turned around to look up at the back basement way and seen something sticking in the celling. I was like what the hell is that. Here was part of the fly wheel. I triedto pull it out and no luck. I thought it was an inch maybe two long cause that is what was sticking out. I went upstairs to our laundry room, and hollycrap,there was 2 inches sticking up through the floor. So I went back downstairs grabbed onto it with some vise grips and pried it out before my wife seen it. ( I told her a few days later not very happy) the floor is old tongand groove oak with
    linoleum over it. I never found all the pieces to the fly wheel, but I did make new one at work out of steel rather than the cast aluminum, and I was able to glue the plastic housing of the magnetic resistance part back together. looks pretty good I think.

    If I can find the photos I took I will post them, however at the moment I canít remember what PC I saved them to.

    Anyway Just thought I would share that with you guys. Moral of the story, Donít try to be lance Armstrong in your basement on a 1990s magnetic cycle trainer.OH and no I did not tell him it broke it. thanks for reading have good day.

    P.S. I spell checked it for you, you know who you are!!!!

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    72!!! Cool story.

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    It's pedal not peddle.

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    pics asap

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