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    Mountainbike Survey - Win a GoPro Hero 4 Black

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Robert and at the moment I am working on the thesis for my graduation. In order to complete my research, I am looking for people with knowledge on mountain bikes who would participate in a short survey. The intention of the survey is to gain a general understanding of the mountain bike market, examine trends as well as brand preferences. It will take only 6 minutes to complete the survey. As I know your time is precious participants will be eligible to win a GoPro Hero 4 BLACK!

    Please follow this link where you will also receive additional information:
    Mountain Bike Survey - American

    Thanks a lot for your support in advance!

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    Done. I'm curious how you chose the brands that are highlighted in the survey? 2 of the "name recognition" options aren't readily available in the US market, and 1 big player is missing.

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    I agree on the Brand choices we had for those first few questions. There were some names flying heavily around my head when trying to answer them.

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    Done. Agree not all important brands avaliable in the questions

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    This should probably be in general.

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    Completed, good luck!

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    Done and best of luck on your thesis.
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    Done, good luck!
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    Honestly I think all these brands are over priced. I care little about flash and more about performance and long term durability. I don't fall for the latest trends. I want what works.
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    If my email is used for anything other than telling me I won a new GoPro, I will hunt you down.
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    Fun survey, good queries. In US 1 usually means best and 10 worst but wasn't hard to reverse think. Good luck, will the results be posted? They always promise yes. They never do....
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    Why did most of the survey only those 8 brands? if you're gonna put Canyon and Lapierre in there, there are so many other more prominent brands in the US market which should be considered before those.

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