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    Sep 2012
    US Army
    SPC, E-4
    11B (infantry)
    4th ID, 3rd BCT, 1/68 CAB,

    I was stationed at Ft. Carson Colorado, two deployments to Iraq. The Army was cool, but i ran so much my feet started to swell and go numb when I ran. Shortly after I got out I got a kick @ss job in the fire arms industry, tracking down and selling class 3 and rare firearms. I once sold an antique shotgun for $250,000, I cant believe anyone would pay that much for a gun.

    I got to do a lot of sweet stuff: drive just about every vehicle but the Abrams and HEMTT, shoot just about every weapon (including detonating a claymore). If i could reenlist, i would probably join the air force, to work with strategic aircraft.

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    To those who served and are currently serving in our country's armed services, I salute you. Thank you.

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    Sep 2010

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    US Navy Submarine Service (STS3/SS) 1989-1995.

    USS Houston SSN713 1991-1995.
    Check out my You Tube Channel

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    USAF Master Sergeant, retired 1978-1998, entered into JROTC as an instructor 1999 so still wearing my uniform on a daily basis today. I was a Transporter on active duty, 605X1 and 2T2 by today's standards.
    2017 Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon 3 (27.5)
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    Canadian Army
    Royal Canadian Dragoons
    A Squadron
    Assault Troop

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    Dec 2010
    United States Marines, 1983-91

    MOS 0331 (Infantry Machinegunner)

    Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 8th Marines.

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    Your Best Friend
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    Utah Army National Guard
    Currently on Active Duty with the State Counter Drug Program.

    E7 Sergeant First Class

    11B/C/M(no longer exists)
    12B (Two tours in Iraq, total of 30 months, as a combat engineer, 03-04 and 07-08)
    92A Automated Logistics

    17+ total years.

    Pic included for sh!ts and giggles.
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    I'm a mountain bike guide in southwest Utah

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    Air Force (seperated but now civilian Air Force / civil service) 1999-2005 and 2010 - current
    SSgt E-5
    2F051 Fuels Specialist

    6 yrs. Luke AFB, Spangdahlem AB Germany, Akrotiri, Cyprus, Incerlik AB Turkey. Operation Northern watch, OIF, OEF

    Started riding as a teen. First bike was a GT. Took a break from 1998 - 2003 and again 2006 to 2011. Now on a Trek Fuel EX8 and back at it since fall of 2011.
    2017 Fuel EX 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by highdelll View Post
    How many of you are currently serving or are veterans of the military?
    List your Branch, Rate/ MOS and Rank if this applies to you.
    Possibly a brief description or story of your time in service.

    A big Thanks to all who have served or are currently serving!


    US NAVY - Veteran
    AT3 - Petty Officer 3rd class (E-4)
    Aviation Electronics Technician - I-Level

    I served during Desert Storm / Shield and worked on the now-retired F-14D's radar and weapons guidance systems at NAS Miramar, CA - AKA "Fightertown USA", AKA "Top Gun". I later went to work on SH-60 ASW Helicopters' anti-submarine radar systems at NAS North Island in San Diego, CA. I went on a few carrier deployments , but luckily (for me ), never had do do a permanent deployment overseas. I do wish I had got to go south of the equator and become a shellback and possibly visit Australia, but I guess it wasn't in the cards for me.

    As far as MTB goes, All of the good on-base riding spots were "off-limits", but I did get to go riding out in Anza Borrego when all of the desert flowers were in bloom - Beautiful!
    I knew you musta been o.k., you struck me as a brown shoe. AET3 in E2C's out of NAS Miramar back when the Navy still owned it, and TopGun was still there. Rode the Nimitz, Kittyhawk, and got to to a CQ Det on the Lincon just after it comissioned.
    The ridiculousness of cycling clothes increase exponentially in relation to the distance from your bicycle.

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    Two Wheeled Terror
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    Re: Military Mountain Bikers - Time for Muster!

    USMC 2003-present
    Sgt- 3533(deleted) Logistics Vehicle Operator "Dragon Master" now 3531 Motor T.

    Spent 5 years at Camp Lejeune with MSSG-26/CLB-26 and then went to MWSS-171 in MCAS Iwakuni for a 3yr tour. Then 2 years in v3/4. Right now in limbo waiting to see whether I get to see a promotion zone before my last contract is up.

    Went on 3 deployments, saw a lot more of the world besides Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As for MTB I am a noob trying to figure all of this out. I rode a "million" miles before I got a license and then started riding again in Japan in 07....took another break and I'm finding some decent riding in 29 Palms currently. Still learning and having fun.

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    Apr 2013

    82nd airborne

    U.S Army, E/5 SGT, 68K/Medical Laboratory Technician Soon To Be 38B/Civil Affairs Medic. Been In Since 2007 AndI'mStationed At Fort Bragg, NC In The 82Nd Airborne Division. went To Haiti For The Earthquake Response Mission. And Iraq, In 2011 To Close Up Shop. Airborne!6

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    Mar 2013
    USAF since 2008. E5 Staff Sergeant. Was a 2A6X1jet engine mechanic on fighters, now I'm a 3E0X2 generator maintainer and operator. Stationed in Italy and Vegas, one deployment to Afghanistan and 7 other temporary duties.

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    Retro on Steroids
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    Oct 2005
    I can't believe I haven't posted in this thread.

    US Army. E-5, Honorable. ETS 15 February 1968

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    May 2010
    US Army (currently Reserve), E5/SGT, 68W/Combat Medic

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    Aug 2009
    US Navy retired Cdr. Flew...
    T-28B/T-2C/TA-4J for training
    RF-8G Crusader, F-14A Tomcat, F-16N and A-4F as an active duty adversary then A-4Ms reserve adversary instructor
    Cruised on the USS Independence and Enterprise.
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    May 2013
    USAF SSgt
    AC-130H Crew Chief
    2 tours OEF

    To all my brothers.....thank you for your service!

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    May 2006
    Navy 1985 to 1996 (1310)
    T-34C, TH-57, SH-60B, SH-60F and HH-60H.
    Med,Somalia, Persian Gulf
    VT-27, HT-8, HSL-40, HSL-44, HSL-41, CCDG-5

    ...break in service...

    Army National Guard 2007 to present (153MG)
    Flying UH-60A/L/M, HH-60M Blackhawks
    C Co 1-111th

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    Devils Child
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    Jul 2013
    its always nice to see military related posts

    myself was in the royal scotts the royal regiment 1st battalion.
    signed for 3 years and did my 3 years,
    loved every minute of it, my original plan was to join 3 of the forces in the uk.
    army, navy and air force but after the army i settled down, married etc etc so that didn't happen as planned.
    my role was infantry and had a great time.

    this is for us all

    Those who served, and those who continue to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we can never forget the importance of their commitment to our Nation.

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    Mar 2010
    Retired Air Force 1985-2005.
    Jet engine mech from 85-91. KC-135 and B-52
    Crew Chief 91-05. B-1 and B-2
    SAC kid. ACC grownup.

    Thanks to all who served are still serving.

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    Good to see this thread.

    USMC 1991-1997
    1/3 WPNS co 81mm mortars/ Marine Corps Weightlifting team Pacific
    Accra American Embassy
    Zagreb Croatia American Embassy
    1/9 Weapons Co 81mm mortars
    2/1 Weapons Co 81mm mortars/USS Comstock
    Honorable Discharge.

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    Sep 2011

    GO Army

    US Army
    91B- Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
    3 Oct 1991 - Present ( one year to go!!)
    Have served at Fort Hood, TX; Fort Campbell, KY; Fort Riley KS; and Fort Sam Houston, TX
    Overseas - Korea, Camp Humpherys and Camp Edwards
    3 Combat tours to Iraq
    Raced road bike before joining the Army, was wounded on my last tour and MEDIVAC's to Fort Sam Houston where I recovered and started Mountain biking. Been here for 3 years (18 months in rehab) and the rest working with ohter wounded warriors. I love what I do, both on and off duty!!
    My ride: 2013 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29
    Scott "PAPAISH" Daley

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    Jun 2006
    aus navy submarines for a short stint in the mid 90's, now working as a Aus Public Servant for the Dept Of Defence.

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    Hi There!
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    I thought I posted here but I guess not:

    I was in the Navy from 1985 to 1993
    AT (aviation electronics technician) I-level maintenance on most Navy aircraft
    Was in San Diego for my first enlistment and rode on the USS Enterprise once in a while
    Went to Japan for my second enlistment and was there on shore duty for 4 years. It was supposed to be 2 years but they twice asked me to stay over so the gov could save money and I was more than happy to oblige
    8 years in the Navy and 10 months total sea time, although I never tried to get out of going to sea and I am a Shellback.

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    mtbr member
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    Feb 2009
    US Army E5-Sergeant
    OCT 2009- Current
    12B Combat Engineer
    Spent 3 years in Schweinfurt, Germany, a year in Afghanny Land and now at FT Hood.

    Im on the right...
    I ride faster than I should...

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    Oct 2011
    Thought I had posted here.
    USAF oct of 85 to sept of 89. Was an E-4.
    AGE Mechanic.
    (for those that don't know that is a ground equipment mechanic.) A jack of all master of none. Although I was pretty good with bomb lifts.
    George AFB Cal.
    37th TFW 562nd TFTS. Wild Weasles. F-4 G's.
    Was at operation Bright Star in "86"
    Went to Homestead Florida when we were doing flyovers panama. We were ready to go and was called back.
    I wasn't a happy Airman. Did not like the AF. Took me a long time to change my outlook.
    Somebody posted about how the pyramids were life changing. I never thought so. They were kinda cool but not inspiring to me. I think I would have much rather went to the Cairo museum of Antiquities. Anyway thanks to ALL the Vets that have served. Thank you to all the people that are currently serving.
    I didn't know about mountain bikes then. I went down and bought a cheap roadie to ride on base. It was a couple of sizes to small but it was very well balanced. I was all over base on it. Got to where I could get around faster on it than my friends could in their cars. When I started riding there there was only a couple of guys who rode. When I left there were about 15 of us who rode to work every day.

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    Aug 2012
    U.S. Army/Guard now retired reserve
    MOSs- 67v (OH-58 crewchief), 93b (Aeroscout observer), 152g (Cobra pilot), 152f (Apache Pilot)
    Airborne, Air Assault, Recondo.

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    Jun 2013
    Unites States Air Force
    Retired E7 Master Sergeant
    Public Health
    Gulf War and OEF
    Currently an Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor... still wear the uniform everyday to work!

    Thanks to all my Brothers and Sisters for their service to this great nation.
    Now go ride your bike

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    Jul 2011

    If you aint cav.....

    Army 2000-2005

    medic/sham artist

    did some time in Korea before getting sent to Ft Hood And then did The Baghdad thing 04-05
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Military Mountain Bikers - Time for Muster!-54899_171960572830837_6956922_o.jpg  

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    Apr 2006
    USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
    ASM2 (E-5)
    Aviation Ground Support Equipment Mechanical Technician

    Bought my first "real" MTB in 87 - Specialized Hardrock Comp

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    Oct 2008
    ^^^ so huffers. taxi's and stuff? - cool
    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    Aug 2013
    US Army MSG
    1987- Present
    11B (ABN Infantry)
    18Z (Special Forces)
    5 tours OIF
    Desert Storm
    Currently a Military Free Fall Instructor (retirement gig)

    I rode most of my career and started riding/ racing MTB the last couple of years (single Speed)

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    govt kontrakt projkt mgr
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    Dec 2003
    I was in kirkuk Feb 04-Feb 05. Good times.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuglio View Post
    Army 2000-2005

    medic/sham artist

    did some time in Korea before getting sent to Ft Hood And then did The Baghdad thing 04-05

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    Does the bike shop in Spangdahlem AFB or Bitburg still exist?

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    Oct 2008
    Thanks to all the Vets out there - past and present

    here's a boot camp pic from just over 20 years ago

    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    Sep 2010
    USMC 1976-1996
    USMC Support Contractor 1999-Present

    Semper Fi and Happy 238th Birthday Marines!

    "No better friend, no worse enemy than a U.S. Marine" - Gen. James Mattis
    2010 Trek Rumblefish
    2013 Trek Cobia

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    check your six
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    Oct 2006
    Good thread Highdell! I can't believe I have never seen it. Happy Veterans Day to all!!

    9 years USAF, 1997-2006

    I'm in the middle.

    Military Mountain Bikers - Time for Muster!-sodakiraq.jpg
    "We can always find excuses if we want to find them, but if we really want to do something, we have to just go."

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    Mar 2011
    I can't believe that this was 29 years ago...
    Military Mountain Bikers - Time for Muster!-525594_10151253845102838_165822063_n.jpg

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