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    Men's biking shoes, size 14

    I am a beginner to mountain biking, I went on my first ride last night & realized very quickly how important the padded shorts are to riding! Extremely sore today lol. But I also had a big issue of my feet constantly slipping off the pedals. I've got pedals that have a spot for clip in shoes but I've already reached my budget for starting this new hobby & I cannot find any mountain biking shoes with the cleats for my size 14 feet that are under a $100. If anyone has any avenues or places where I can find these bigger size cleats for a decent price. I would greatly appreciate any help with this or any ideas of where I can find some of these shoes. Thank you

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    Try here: I filtered to size 14 and 49 (which should convert to 14 in Euro size). There are a couple SPD and under $100. Fee free to play with the filters at the left if you want to open up your budget range, too.

    You may want to confirm that the pedals are SPD too. And you would need to buy cleats that attach to the shoe and then click into the pedal.

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    Have a look at these. I have a pair of Pearl X-Alps and like them.

    They show them on sale. Looks like you could probably have them for under $100 delivered. Clicking on size 49 shows them in stock. Bad thing about mail ordering shoes is if you don't like the fit you get stuck with return shipping, so unless you are familiar with the shoe it is a bit of a gamble.

    If you ever get around a big bike store that has lots of shoes to try on it is probably worth the extra money to buy a pair you can try on and stand in for a little bit. Big chains like REI and Performance Bike that do a lot of mail order may have a pair that someone bought and returned in your size if you get real lucky. Deal like that sometimes you can get a discount and save some money. Also, sometimes you can find a pair of last years model that hasn't sold and get a discount too.

    There is something generically called "Chamois Butter" ( there are several brands) that you will find works very well with the padded shorts on longer rides. No underwear under your shorts and some butter on the chamois makes a huge difference.
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    I'm a 14 US and size 50 works for me with most brands. I've gotten used to the fact that because of my big feet selection is somewhat limited and often I can't get the deals that are available in more normal sizes. You can find them- most brands make cheaper models in that size, but you have to look a little harder to find someone who has them in stock.

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    I feel your pain try finding a size 15 wide.

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