• 11-27-2012
    Look S-Track..anyone use these?
    Looks interesting...and LIGHT! Anyone have any experience with them?
  • 11-27-2012
    Thread in WW, don't know if it'll help.

  • 03-07-2013
    I've purchased the S-Track race version, done about 52km so far (one ride).

    S-Track race:
    + Finish level
    + Bearings: 2 ball bearings and one needle-bearing (entry level model has 2 ball bearings and one Teflon bearing), resulting in very smooth spinning of the pedals during cycling
    + power transfer: you can really feel the larger support surfac
    + Clipping in & out : very defined click
    + Price/weight

    - No adjustable spring tension: spring tension is rather high, I wouldn't recommend this pedal to beginners.

    Time Atac XC 12 pedals:
    + Clipping in & out goes easier on the Time Atac XC pedals
    + spring tension is adjustable
    + 6mm axial float vs 1mm of the Look's
    + 5 angle freedom vs 3 of the Look's
    + Lower weight
    + Price/weight
    - Bearings: one ball bearing + Teflon bearing. The old Atax XS Ti model developed bearing play really fast - I received 2 new sets of pedals under warranty, so service is top notch. Hopefully this issue has been solved with the new XC's.
    - Drag of the bearing seals: you can really feel the pedals does not spin as smoothly as the Look's.

    Would I exchange the Time's for the Look's? Too soon to ask - so far I really like the Look's, so they stay on the bike. Beginners that takes their first steps with clip pedals, should better look elsewhere.
  • 04-08-2013
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    Originally Posted by madskatingcow View Post
    ...S-Track race:...very smooth spinning of the pedals during cycling...you can really feel the larger support surface...spring tension is rather high...

    Time Atac XC 12 pedals:
    + Clipping in & out goes easier on the Time Atac XC pedals
    + spring tension is adjustable
    + 6mm axial float vs 1mm of the Look's
    + 5 angle freedom vs 3 of the Look's...Drag of the bearing seals: you can really feel the pedals does not spin as smoothly as the Look's...

    I have the S-Track Race model, and came from Time ATAC XS. I ride road and crushed base, so I can't provide mud clearing experience. I expected to miss the forgiving float of the ATACs, but I don't. I also notice wider shoe support even though the shoe cleats don't make continuous contact with the pedal. There is a learning curve for clipping in, clipping out takes a firm ankle flick, but it's not difficult and it gets easier after break in. S-Track Race pedal Q is a bit narrower than ATAC. I also like that the Look cleat center line is further rearward than Time's, so I can get the ball of the foot a little more ahead of the spindle.

    No shims are needed with my SIDI Dominator Mega shoes, and as a consequence the long screws supplied with the Look pedals protrude into the shoe sole. The fix is to use shorter Time screws. The Dominator's low profile shoe cleats allow the elastomer inserts in the metal cleats to be exposed when walking, so they wear rapidly as a result. Without the shims there is a little additional sole support from the deflector.

    The reason I went with the Look Race model was to get the needle bearing. I speculated it would spin with less drag, and it does. I can reduce seal drag on the ATAC pedals with regular maintenance, but no where near the free-wheeling Race pedal.
  • 04-13-2013
    Stump 29
    Thanks for the insights. :thumbsup:

    Just put on the S-Tracks.

    Price-point, weight, and mud-shedding caught my attention.

    Two rides so far. Still getting used to feel.

    Threads on spindle are a mile long.

    Will add pics and reviews in a few more rides.
  • 04-14-2013
    The spring tension of the Look's really makes it hard clipping out in unexpected situations. Did a pretty stupid crash yesterday and wasn't able to release from the pedal, where it wouldn't have been a problem with the Time's.

    I really wish the spring tension was adjustable, that would make it the perfect pedal. The increased contact area of the pedal + the free spinning bearings (no seal drag) really are an advantage over the Look's, but I feel safer with the Time's.

    When the shoe soles are covered in mud, clipping in the Look's really requires a lot of effort, same with releasing. Same circumstances, Time's have no problem.

    I was hoping that after breaking in the pedals (little more wear on the cleats) entry and release would go easier, but no sign of that (yet).

    Gonne keep riding them a little more. Can't see many cyclocrossers riding this pedal due to the high spring tension.
  • 06-04-2013
    Good news for anyone who finds the spring tension of the Look's on the high side, making clipping in and out difficult.

    As with Look's road pedals, you can purchase an 'Easy' version of the S-Track cleats after market. I have now ridden three rides with my set:

    a) What is the difference with the standard cleats? At the front of the cleats, you have two wings, with a more shallow angle compared to the stock cleats.

    b) Clipping in and out? About 20% easier than the standard - don't expect as easy like Shimano or Time, but with the 'Easy' cleats I would say that they are now at a normal level, while stock cleats are more in the category of 'expert' level. The 'Easy' cleats would be for me in the orange zone, while Time is in the green zone.

    c) More float? Nope, same as before.

    I have recently tried my Times again, which are still noticeably smoother when clipping in /out and have a lot more float.

  • 09-19-2013
    What is the right shims you should use with carbon fiber soles? I am worried about pedal digging into sole in eggbeater style. Should you add some extra protection or is the 0.5mm shims enogh?
  • 09-19-2013
    Depends on your brand of shoes and how worn the lugs on your shoes are.

    With my S-Works shoes : only the red 0.5mm shim.