I just wanted to express my disappointment with the new kryptonite locks.

I messengered for years a long time ago with the old steal me with a bic pen cylinder lock and NEVER had an issue with it (besides the fact you could use a bic pen to open it). I picked up another kryptonite lock years ago with the disc-style lock and had nothing but issues with it. It would take 8+ mins of giggling and fussing with it to open it and another 6 trying to close it, good thing I never used it as a messenger it would cost me runs and money and probably end up in the trash after spending a decent amount on it.

Anyhow... taking my 4 year old on his trail-a-bike to the bagel shop to get a quick bite I lock my bike to a paper box handle (luckily). It goes on weird and knew something was wrong, we went in and ate, I come out try my usual wiggle/fuss only to have it snap off in the barrel. So, after a 8 mile walk home to get my truck, and undoing the handle, I now have a lock dangling on my bike I need to pay to get removed.

I do have to say that kryptonite's customer service is great, at my expense I have to get it removed, and send it to them... they will reimburse me for the removal and replace the lock. But, what a pain in the ass... hopefully they will stop using this lock-style or something that works a little better. I can't be the only one with this issue.

Just a little rant