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    Innovative bike tool

    Hello, all
    Would like to share a project that I have been working on for over a yea now.
    Repair Rebel is a light weight,consolidated bike multitool with 24 features. Made from titanium it is one of the lightest on the market with this many features. I would love to hear any feedback from this forum
    Thanks- Thomas
    REPAIR REBEL-Titanium Multitool, Attach Under Bike Seat! by Thomas Smafield — Kickstarter

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    Can it tighten crank bolts and pedals?

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    The problem with round tools is the swing of the tool. In the picture on your video, you would not be able to tighten the stem clamp bolt shown - the tool would interfere. I don't think you could tighten a seat clamp - not enough room to swing. Thats a pain with a normal Allen key.

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    This has been posted before, now it's just SPAM!

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    I don't have any hex bolts on my bike.
    The Allen head shafts are way too short.
    Access to many Allen bolt, screw or torx heads will be problematic.
    All in all, not useful.

    And you chose this for your first post under this ID?: smells a lot like spam.
    Use it, use it, use it while you still have it.

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    These tools won't ever get used on a bicycle.
    7mm Hex Head
    5.5mm Hex Head
    4mm Hex Bolt Wrench
    5mm Hex Bolt Wrench
    5.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench
    6mm Hex Bolt Wrench
    9.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench

    You should think about adding a T30 torx, 2mm hex and 2.5mm hex.

    I'm also curious how you're going to manufacture it.

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    Ill stick to my Park Multi tool.......
    2013 Trek EX8 blue/white

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    The OP apparently screwed nearly 850 people out of their money, and Kickstarter still has a banner at the top of the page declaring it a successful project. Sure it was successful if the guy's plan was to scam people to pay his rent.

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