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    New question here. I can ride my bike with Wider Handlebars.. Wider Handlebars.. Wider Handlebars..

    Hey guys,

    So I am looking to upgrade the handlebars on my 2010 Norco Katmandu, to something a bit wider.. not sure how much wider yet, but what I have on there now is stock.

    Just wondering how it will effect the ride? I can see it helping with down hill or more technical features seeing as how you have a wider stance and are closer to the front.. but what about with jumps or pump tracks? is it beneficial in those areas as well? I kind of do a wide assortment of riding (with in my limits.. for now) and want to upgrade in a way that helps more then one area.


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    As you go wider, you will want to shorten your stem. I'm ridng 720mm wide and love them. My next bars will be a little wider too.

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    I can ride my bike with Wider Handlebars.. Wider Handlebars.. Wider Handlebars..

    Wider is great except if you ride tight tree lined singletrack. Too wide there you risk impacts resulting in bruised pinkies or worse, front wheel twisted 90 deg. to direction of trail. Ouch.

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    Buy some wide bars and a short stem and cut the bars down if you need. I recommend the Race Face Atlas Freeride, 780 mm wide, light and stiff.
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    I can ride my bike with Wider Handlebars.. Wider Handlebars.. Wider Handlebars..

    Why, exactly, do you want to "upgrade" to wider bars? What do you want to gain?

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    I have the specialized demo low rise bar. it's 780mm wide and love it.

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    I want to switch to wider bars because with what I have I on there now I feel that im a little squished, just want a bit of a wider stance is all.
    I have also read and heard that with a wider stance you will have more control and stability in the technical stuff, and should also limit upper body fatigue because you are forced a little closer to the bars, limiting the amount of arm movement and what have you to steer.

    Im not talking anything monstrous, just something thats a bit wider then what I got now.

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    Im riding Deity dirty 30s in 760, killer bars, i could never go shorter only longer, OP get something like 760-780 then you can just cut them down if you feel like it.
    Wide bars are great if you are feeling a bit squashed when in the attack position, i rock a 50mm stem with the long bars, it gives great control, very comfortable, im only 5'8 on a medium giant reign but the wide bars are heaven, i think i could rock 800mm and still feel great, cheers
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    I find plenty of control in fast rocky chunk with my 28" Cobalt Carbons. I put some 30" bars on my Rize 2 w Lefty, and found them too wide for my taste in the chunk. When the front hit off rocks, it wanted to jump out of my hand, I would have to input that much more force to hold on - at the risk of getting this thread closed down, I will use the other L word, leverage, again... too much for me on the wider ones.
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    Well guys I took the plunge and got a 760mm Specialized Handlebar.. so far it feels great and solid.. give it a good run today!

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    also a wider bar helps open up your chest so you can breath a bit easier.

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