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    How much is this bike worth?

    I am new to biking and am not sure where to post this.

    I don't have allot of funds on hand and was wondering if this is a good deal?

    Here is the bike I'm looking at, it's in really really good shape.

    Women's mountain bike, REI Bonita

    Used Novaro Bonita $275

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    That seems pretty overpriced.

    I checked your CL and I would take a peak at these two before I looked at the one you posted.

    Like New Mt Bike-Diamondback


    Just depends on size. The Trek I posted looks to be a small frame and the diamondback looks to be a medium (from a quick glance, could be wrong).

    Bottom line, I would get one that fits. But I wouldn't pay over $100 for that REI bike. Then again, that's just me.

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    The Novara listed is barely a mountain bike, looks more like a hybrid cruiser with a knobbier tire. If you are looking for a mountain bike, the two listed above are more what you are looking for at that price range.
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    I will also echo the posts above, that REI bike is not a mountain bike and not worth that asking price--don't do it.

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