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    Quote Originally Posted by carbuncle View Post
    I tried to buy a Trek Stache from my LBS but they had sold it by the time I went to pick it up and wouldn't make any effort to get one for me because it was "too late in the season." They did offer to sell me one a size too small and one level up for just $700 more than my budget though. I bought twice the bike used for the same money, then bought all my supplies online.

    Riding 3.0 (third time I've been seriously involved in biking) for me involves doing ALL of my bike work myself, in the garage so the LBS may never really factor in again for me.
    Similarly, but not exactly the same, are some LBS in my area that don't carry a nicer model or a particular type of bike for their brand. For example, the largest Specialized dealer in the area won't carry any Enduro models at all. But they will order one for you if you deposit a couple hundred, which is not refundable if you don't like it. I might as well buy another brand online from a place with a decent return policy.

    Then when I contact them about getting a frame and building it up, I get some sky-high price quote. I get it, someone contacts you about a custom build the LBS probably identifies them as high income and willing to pay through the nose. I am probably going to pull the trigger on a new Heckler soon and I don't care anymore if I can't ride it in advance. These shops around here blow.

    If I hadn't broken the frame on my only full suspension bike, I'd wait another year or two on buying a new bike to see if a brand like Santa Cruz or Kona go "buy-direct".

    If i knew how to true my wheels right and would plan in advance and buy bunch of spare tubes onlie, I'd never walk into an LBS in this area again.

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    Re: How many of ya'll still shop at your lbs?

    Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, my friend...

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    What do we consider an LBS? If it is local and a bike shop is that enough or does it need to be locally-owned?
    Do chains count?
    What about a company store run by a local bike manufacturer?

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    I do

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