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    how to get up 2 stair step ups?

    You know what I'm talking about, where you hop up the first stair, but then the back wheel hits the first stair and the front wheel hits the second stair at the same time. Stall out. You have to slow down to get the timing right for the first one, so you can't just jump the whole shebang at once (or risk a rear wheel pinch flat on the second stair) and you can't just power your way up since the front stair prevents you from shifting your weight properly.
    The only luck i've had with these menaces is to hop up crooked to the trail, trials style. I'm too clumsy to do it reliably, and its really slow. What tricks are there to these things?

    For those of you in the bay area, I'm thinking of that one in the top 1/3rd of resolution trail at skeggs, or the one going south at saratoga gap trail.
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    more speed + more hop

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    bunny hop so your back tire lands between the two meaning the front tire is above the second stair
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    practice...more speed
    Oh noes. I'm going to drink the Kool-Aid.

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