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    I take them off in the shower to catch the crusty mud that would otherwise end up on the floor then shower up with the gear over the drain and stomp them clean (enough), wring them out then toss everything in the dryer.
    I ride in filthy conditions every day so I do this once a week usually. I just air dry them till the weekly wash day. Pretty ripe by then.

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    How do you wash your clothes?

    I rinse mine off outside first and then wash them on a gentle cycle, and hang dry. I also skip fabric softener. It think screws up the way my liners and jerseys breath and wick moisture.

    A little trick I learned from working on old greasy hot rods and Harley's is to throw some simple green or something similar in with really dirty stuff. Helps the clothes get cleaner and also keeps gunk from getting built up in the washers drain lines. 90w gear oil does so nasty stuff to laundry.

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    How do you wash your clothes?

    I spray the mud off with a hose and then wash normally in cold water. Don't really care if there's a little dirt left. Biking for me is not about fashion (not that it is for the OP).

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    Red clay mud and High Viz yellow don't mix. I don't think I have had that particular jersey clean since I put it on the first time. I wash it but it is stained. It will be dirty about 10 minutes after I leave the trailhead anyway soooooooo.
    As long as I don't stink too bad I really don't care if I have a stain(s) on my jersey. Everything else is black.
    I did just buy another one that is a little darker and shouldn't show the dirt. I like it... it has guns and longhorn skulls on it.
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    How do you wash your clothes?

    My clothes washer and dishwasher are the same person, I just tell her my stuff is dirty and to get me a beer

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    I tend to hand wash my gear more than putting it in the washer. One of the main reasons is poison oak. I wash with dawn or tecnu when needed and do not want that po mess getting in my washing machine. For me it is mostly sweat and not much mud so a soak with baking powder or borax will help to keep the kit stink at bay. Always line dry my kit never in the dryer as is the same with most of my nicer fitted clothing.

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