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    How to choose the appropriate saddle??

    I have been riding 10 miles everyday and the biggest obstacle to overcome is a pain in my ass.... (literally) After only 3 miles or so my ass beggins to ache and only gets worse the longer I go. I dont ride a actual road bike but a hardtail xc 29er with a fork lockout and I use appropriate padded cycle shorts. Even with the padded shorts it still aches. Is it the bike or the saddle? Or the possition i ride in? I use my bike for xc singletrack trail riding and road riding. Other than that i have the seat lowered for jumps and drop off runs. So i need a seat appropriate for 10+ mile rides. Any suggestions?

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    Lots of threads about saddle fitment on here, just go crazy with the search function, but in my experience, it is mostly down to making sure you get the correct width of saddle first. To do that you need to measure your sit bones... those are the pointy bits at the base of your 'other' cheeks. You can do this in a number of ways, but the distance between them is the width of the saddle you need.
    Then there are a few other factors such as padding, angle of the dangle, and simply getting used to having this piece of leather/synthetic shoved into your butt for hours at a time...
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