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    Have you ever noticed how Adrenaline can make time seem to slow down?

    Have you ever been in an accident, short sprint, or other stressful situation where time seemed to slow down?

    Yesterday while riding my bicycle on the street, I came up to an intersection with a crosswalk that had a display counting down the seconds left. I didn't want to get stuck at a red light, so I started riding faster as I was approaching the intersection. While sprinting up to the intersection I was watching the crosswalk count down the seconds left. It went to "5", "4", "3", then when it it reached "2", time slowed down. The "2", and "1" seemed to display longer than the "4", and "3". There wasn't much fear, just the Adrenaline of wanting to make it thru before the red light.

    I've been in a lot of bicycle accidents, but I've never watched a stopwatch while crashing, so I've never noticed time slowing down while crashing.

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    Time "slows down" because you remember more: The brain records more sensory information in traumatic experiences. Time isnít slowing down, but the hyper-memory makes it seem like it is by processing and storing all this additional information.

    From Why Time Slows Down in Near-Death Experiences |

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    Its usually just before some serious pain is had....

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    This used to happen to me all the time in my college football days, Time would seem to slow down for me before i would hit a linebacker. It seemed like i could tell his every move and always knew exactly what i could of done different if i missed the block.

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    Ever seen the short from The Animatrix called "World Record"? Maybe you are pulling yourself out of the Matrix?

    The Animatrix (2003) - IMDb
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    I definitely experience this when I eat shit mountain biking. That thing about recording more information seems like a good explanation for the feeling.

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    I actually feel quite the opposite. My first and only trip over the handlebars happened so fast I couldn't even recall or determine the causal factors. I wish I entered the matrix when I crash.

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    during a 100mph motorcycle crash as my head(w/helmet) was going to the asphalt i remember thinking VERY SLOWLY "aw shit, i'm gonna die". After being unconscious for a few hours i woke up in a hospital though.
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    No, but I have noticed how it can help you climb like a monkey on crack!
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    I used to experience it a lot in my hockey playing days. Whenever I was in an "ideal" situation to score time will slow. On break-aways it felt like my skate to the goal took a whole minute sometimes... I haven't experienced it biking...

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