This may be a long shot, but you never can tell. My name is Stephen Behling and I am currently a teacher in the Chicago Public School system. I teach at a school where 95% of the students qualify for free lunch or are considered below the poverty line. I have been given a unique opportunity over the summer to teach a class that benefits the surrounding community. I have chosen to teach a basic bicycle maintenance class with the hopes of building several bikes and hitting the trails. This class will run from Jul 1st until the 29th. U have already had some generous gifts from companies such as Park Tool (books) and Phil Wood (grease and oil) and numerous private individuals who have donated parts and tools. My mission is to introduce these young adults to the world of cycling on and off the trail. With an emphasis on repair and maintenance, we will also be learning about safety and trail upkeep and hopefully participating in a trail workday with our local IMBA chapter CAMBr ( What I am currently looking for are donations. Anything and everything helps. I recognize that many don't live anywhere near me, but perhaps someone might be willing to ship what ever they have lying around in their parts bin to benefit a worthy cause. What am I looking for? Anything. Parts, tools, accessories (gloves, helmets, water bottles). Anything that is serviceable or just not wanted. ITs a good cause and someone out there has the means to provide assistance. I keep track of all donations and will be posting them on our blog, facebook and Twitter. Follow our progress:
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

And thanks for your time and any support.