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    Giant Warp DS2 Opinions

    Howdy all,

    I am looking for some help and opinions. I am looking to get into single track. I am fairly new to cycling in general. Bought a Specialized Crosstrail this spring and have ridden and enjoyed the heck out of it on our local gravel and paved trails. We have several good single track trail systems nearby and I am looking to pick up a capable, but budget used bike to try them out. I just found a 2005 Giant Warp DS2. The pics make it look nice and in overall good shape. The owner claims he bought it, never really used it and it has hung on the garage wall it's entire life. He is asking $175 for it.

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    Two questions, 1) Would this be a decent bike to start out on without making a significant investment?

    2) Is his asking price fair?

    Thank you!
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    I ride an '03 warp DS. I'm 6-3 240 pounds. The frame is strong, the stock fork and rear shock defiantly aren't great, at least on my ds3, but they work fine. If it has clinchers upgrade to disks. The frame and fork are ready for them but you may need new shifters. I've made upgrades as I've broken stuff over the years but I love this bike. I wouldn't think of selling for $175. If you don't care about having the new hot bike then rock it.

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