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    Fitting Tubed Tires on a Mavic Crossland Rim

    I've got a Mavic Crossland UST compatible rim. I don't plan on ever running tubeless tires. I tried fitting a 1.5" tubed tire on the rim and it doesn't want to cooperate. I'm thinking if I remove that hard plastic UST compatible rim strip in there I'll probably damage the rim strip but life will be easier installing tubed tires. I also want to make sure I'll have no problems in the field should I ever get a flat with my tubed tires.

    So; will removing the strip be a solution for me? Are there any other solutions?


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    It should work. I run a tube in my rear crossland (just because the tire has a massive sidewall split). Maybe your tube is a little to big, try a smaller size (26", obviously )

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