• 12-28-2012
    Exercise trainer routines/ boredom help!!
    Hey, recently I have purchased a fluid trainer to hook my old, but working schwinn Moab into. I have definitely noticed there is no thrill involved and it gets rather boring. I was wondering what some of you do while on a trainer, besides listening to music. Also any recommended routines on the trainer? Thanks!!:thumbsup:
  • 12-28-2012
    Watching a movie and spinning is good. Use a heart rate monitor and vary cadence in order to prevent being too lackadaisical.

    But for better fitness training, I personally like Spinervals videos

  • 12-28-2012
    Trainers are a good way to make your spin more efficient, other than that yes it is boring. I watch netflix on my ipad sometimes and hat helps
  • 12-29-2012
    Jump rope
  • 12-29-2012
    Commercial Intervals. Sprint as long as you can when a commercial comes on, rinse, repeat. Do this 2/3 times a week with recovery time in between sessions.
  • 12-29-2012
    I'll either watch tv or read a book. If you're riding hard on it, consider putting one of those small desk top fans down there by the fluid pod to try and cool it. My cyclo-ops 2 gets pretty hot even with moderate riding. Warmer fluid means lower viscosity, which means lower resistance, which takes away from the point of the trainer.
  • 12-29-2012
    Play Nintendo 64 with your heart rate monitor set to yell at you if you go too easy
  • 12-29-2012
    Quick intervals. 1-2 minutes really hard and equal to or half the time rest. You may lose count, but, won't be bored. I spend all of my time trying to catch my breath rather than being bored.
  • 12-29-2012
    Try out Cycling training videos - never be bored on the turbo trainer again! Pretty good videos and they last about an hour which is just about right IMO. Or, get a Fatbike and never get back on the trainer in the Winter again.
  • 12-29-2012
    Sufferfest. They're cheap and effective videos with a sense of (sick) humor.
  • 12-29-2012
    Watch TV to get your mind off it.....
  • 12-29-2012
    I had an injury a while back that means I can't ride outdoors until March (even though I have a fat bike and the snow is good :-( ). I listen to a lot of podcasts but found that even 30 minutes on the trainer was mental agony. I could barely keep myself going.

    A friend suggested putting a movie on. While movies aren't my thing, I do watch documentaries as they engage me auditorially and visually and I no longer look down and watch the pedals. Much, much better.

    The other thing I find helps me is to put on subtitles. Even though it's a quiet fluid trainer I sometimes I can't understand the words with the trainer going as I don't want to turn it up too loud as I'm in an apartment. The subtitles also provide another point of keeping me paying attention to what's in front me and things go faster.

    I look forward to March 1st, when the doctors will most likely clear me for outdoor riding but until then....
  • 12-29-2012
    11 Bravo
    The Seek Out Cycling DVD sets are pretty good. I have the cycle 6 pack and it makes a nice way to break up other things like just watching TV and sprinting during commercials. At $30 bucks for 6 DVD's, the price is not real bad either.

    Indoor Cycling for Outdoor Cyclists

    I try to do several different things to break up the monitory of the trainer. Winters in Wyoming being what they are, I spend a fair amount of time on the trainer like it or not.

    I have my trainer set up in the basement with a cheap TV that plays DVD,s. The player will play audio books too, so I take in a book from time to time as well. I have some standard mountain bike videos, some documentaries, some cycling training DVDs, I get a book once in a while, I have some cartoon DVDs. I have to break it up with different things or I can't make myself do it for any length of time.I personally don't like to hit real hard training rides on the trainer more than once a week. I ride maybe 3 days a week with the hard training ride in the middle of the set.

    I am thinking about getting a road bike and a set of rollers too.
  • 12-30-2012
    I sit my laptop in front of me on the trainer and watch TV shows. A TV show usually lasts about 1 hour, so it's kinda also like a timer.

    A friend of mine has his trainer in front of the tv to watch movies or concerts.
  • 12-30-2012
    I purchased the indoor biking DVDs from Cycling videos online. I am a new member and this is my first post so I am not allowed to post a link. Just google it.

    They are amazing and time flies while you sweat half to death. I have ten of them and have ten more coming next week. It is road biking, but they are fantastic! He has fat burning, endurance, hill climbing and a few others. I don't know what I would do without them. I use a spin bike and it shows the tension settings that I should be using, or what gears a normal bike should be in. I was very skeptical when I saw them, but I am hooked.