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    Ever have a "funk" where you wreck a few rides in a row?

    So the last 4 rides I have been out I wrecked. Two of the times pretty hard (hard enough I had a few days off the bike to heal, but not hard enough I was out for weeks).

    Not sure what's going on. Do any of you ever go through a spell like that?

    My wreck today was an OTB on the exact same damn rock I OTBed on three rides ago. Pretty technical trail. The ride before that I was sessioning a really nasty rock garden, so I wrecked a few times on it. And before that I got hung up on a big log roll that usually has a log on the back side to help with the exit angle, and the log was gone.

    Not sure if all the wrecking is shaking my confidence or not...

    One thing I noticed is that I OTBed twice on the same bike in the same spot. This is my single speed, and I just recently added a fork to it. I never once OTBed on that bike when it was rigid, and now with the 100mm Fox I have twice in a month! Maybe more air?

    Any ideas to get over this? I am thinking maybe a couple "go fast" rides on some smooth single track (pretty rare near me here in Rocksylvania) might help?

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    Change of scenery would alter the outlook.

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    Stay away from that area for a while, like you say go for some easier rides. get a better feel for the new fork. Do some easier technical stuff.

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    Out of all my riding friends i crash and bleed the least hands down. That being said around a month and a half ago i took some hit point loss crashing 3 out of 5 rides. Couple trips to urgent care, xrays, and even a weekend of no riding due to pain were no fun.

    Laws of averages and all it was bound to happen i suppose, but looking back i think i had been getting more and more cocky. Im still riding as hard now, but i was painfully reminded how much it hurts to go down. Now i have that caution lurking in my head when i ride again rather than enthusiastically abandoning caution like i had started to do.

    A little fear is healthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pointerDixie214 View Post
    Do any of you ever go through a spell like that?

    no i dont. hope that helps.

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    That's a FUNK? I thought it was normal riding!

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    Re: Ever have a "funk" where you wreck a few rides in a row?

    It's almost like you get it on your head, 'I am gonna wreck', and there you go.
    When it happens, I get out of there for the day and do something or someplace else for a bit.

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    They are like flats......crashes usually come in 3's.
    I crashed hard enough on my Tallboy to break my leg,
    The carbon is way more durable than most people.

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    Ever have a "funk" where you wreck a few rides in a row?

    Quote Originally Posted by nate. View Post
    no i dont. hope that helps.
    Hard to have time to wreck as a full time mullet fisherman.

    I guess if they come in threes I good to go then!

    Change of venue for a ride and back to it methinks.

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    Happened to me last summer, in July. Started crashing on a trail system I had been riding 3-4x a week steadily that summer. First a skid out and lots of gravel rash. Second one was bad, that was a full out crash that landed me in the ER with 12 stitches to my elbow. A few weeks later, I reopened the stitches on a different section of the same trail.

    Turns out, I was in a complete life funk. I had a lot of stress at work- a new job I moved 500 miles for, and around the time of the ER trip, was actually "let go" after my 90-day probation at that job. I was overtrained and going to races so un-motivated I was partaking in the beer gardens midway through the race. I think those crashes were a wake-up call for me to slow down and get some things straightened out.

    Long story short, I took some time off, got another job lined up, and stayed away from that trail system for a while. I did a lot of hiking. It helped, I have a better job now, and I'm not crashing as much this year (so far, fingers crossed!)

    Good luck to you.

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    suspension forks can pack down causing the front end to go lower than you are used to. Maybe up the rebound on your fork? It is a balance between to much rebound =pogo stick and too little rebound = packing down.

    There are days when I cant clear anything and crash a lot. A lot of times it is due to riding too many days in a row and being too tired for a particular trail. Generally I crash when I start to get fatigued and so dont have the energy to be as active on the bike.

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    I usually ride within my limits and stay on top of the bike. Haven't been OTB is quite a while. Couple of years ago I went OTB twice on the same ride. Both times I remember thinking, "This is gonna hurt," and both times came up without a scratch.
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    New suspension fork + G-forces = high side

    My buddy (who only ever wrecks in the urban environment for some reason), switched from rigid to suspension and flipped right off a high-G turn on a smooth, easy trail because he wasn't expecting the oversteer of the compressed fork.

    Same goes for nose dives/endos.

    As for "funk" - I had a whole season once. I even had to get 10 staples after crashing inside a bicycle store. That year I also fell off in the dark going really fast when I missed a turn and burned the palm out of my left glove and the side panel out of my shorts; slid down a shale riverbank tearing up my right arm; got poison ivy about 5X; and on one ride I lost my helmet (I think there is a gnome living in it to this day). My buddy attributed it all to flipping my stem upside down - in the mid '90's you just didn't do that.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    I have a limited count for falls on a ride, 5; after the fifth one I pack my bags and leave.

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