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    I think the answer to the OPs question is: NO!
    Everything is replace as needed as in "don't fix it if it ain't broke."
    If you properly inspect everything and maintain it, then that rule works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David C View Post
    Only problem is... Many riders who put down that much hours usually have more than one bike that they use over the week. Heck I have a few different ones and I'm not even close to 10 hours a week, though I'd love to be.

    Did they throw a bike down the stairway and then do again and again till every parts failed ? Then for each throw the part survive, they add 2 months of life to their expiration date ?
    Is that not obvious? Then the bike is not getting that many hours/week.
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    As far as fatigue life goes, unless MBA is testing components to failure like the racing or aircraft industries their 'life span' figures are total guesses. We know they are not so it's just B.S.

    Of course if you are crashing a lot or taking your pedals off rocks or generally get big air you'll be replacing stuff more, although I don't really call that kind of abuse 'wearing out.'

    The old Marzocchis are reliable as Jayem said. Mine was NOS in 2006 and is still going strong. I'm guessing 700 hours by now.

    My 1996 Race Face turbines have been on 3 different rides since I bought them new. I have had to change the BB once, and the bearings a few times. They very likely have 2000+ hours on them.

    My Avocet o2 was used in '96 when I bought it. It was recovered/refoamed in 2007. It is still going strong. Conversely I've broken one Selle Italia SLR after one season.

    My spd 535s are 16 years old. Yes they are nearly toast, but they still spin fine. The engagement claws are pretty worn out.

    My 952 XTR rear d was NOS in '06. I have crashed it twice hard enough to bend the hanger. It has 700 hours on it. It still works flawlessly.

    Now that I have 3 bikes it takes a lot longer to wear stuff out.

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