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    cycling knicker info

    I am interested in getting or making my own knickers for cycling. I am not talking about the ones with bibs or the lycra ones more the lightweight breathable material fabric ones I have seen the professional ones from swobo or others online. Right now not willing to pay $150 or more for a pair. So has anyone made their own and what material did you use. Or is their a company who makes a lower cost pair say around $50. I would be wanting a material that breathes and they would be for summer use.

    Also if you bought a pair how much did you pay and what brand?

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    I've found the Endura Humvee shorts to be a nice pair that my LBS recommended. $85.
    Here is the website....

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    Do they...

    Do they make those in men's sizes too...
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    Goto the thirft store and get some comfy polyester pants from the 70's for $2.00, then:

    ...there's also someone on the web who sells converted BDUs (military fatigues) for not too much if you don't want to do the sewing yourself, seek and ye shall find.

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    I've got tons of do it yourself sewing tips for cycle gear on my website. It's kind of disorganized, so just follow the links...

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    I have a pair of these and they work well. Also, because of how they are constructed you aren't sitting on a seam, which is nice if you have a pretty solid saddle.

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