I recently purchased a pair of Tifosi Q3 sunglasses at an LBS in my area after having a wonderful experience with an older pair of interchangeable lens Tifosi's (can't remember which model) that, unfortunately, went missing somewhere in Arizona. I use the Q3's for an everyday pair of glasses as well as when riding trails here in Kentucky.

In the April 2006 issue of Mountain Bike Magazine, these sunglasses are reviewed stating that "...the lenses are also vented at the corners, to cut down on fogging...". While this is true, they do cut down on fogging, they do not eliminate it! These things are very foggy glasses, in my experience, due to the shape of the frame and how it conforms to my face. This has led to some interesting situations on the bike blasting down the trail, and in the car blasting down the highway.

Just a warning for those who plan on purchasing this item. I would definitely still purchase Tifosi optics, but personally, I would recommend staying away from the Q3's.